Former Big Hit Entertainment Trainee Reveals His First Impressions Of The BTS Members

Number 2 ended up being the most memorable for a simple reason.

Jihoon, also known as Brightoon from his YouTube channel Brightoon TV, is a former Big Hit Entertainment trainee who once trained with the members of BTS.

Due to popular demand, Jihoon has released several videos talking about the BTS members, and one video was about his first impressions of the members.

Here’s a look at what Jihoon’s first impressions of the BTS members were.

1. Jin

When Jihoon first met Jin, he was just blown away by Jin’s face, as he had never seen a person that handsome before.

Jihoon also remembers how nice Jin was, as Jin treated him like a younger brother.

2. Suga

Out of all the members, Suga ended up giving the most memorable first impression to Jihoon.

That’s because when Jihoon first met Suga during dance practice, Suga showed up wearing a white t-shirt and basketball shorts.

Jihoon was also amazed by Suga’s dance lines when he was dancing.

3. RM

When Jihoon first met RM, he immediately knew he was a rapper due to his voice.

Not only that, but Jihoon also felt a leader aura from RM.

4. J-Hope

J-Hope was extremely welcoming when he first met Jihoon, and this made it easier for Jihoon to get close to him.

Jihoon also remembers how blown away he was by J-Hope’s dancing skills.

5. V

The first thing that caught Jihoon’s eyes when he met V was his tan skin.


Jihoon also remembers how cute V was during that time, and he even gave him a nickname due to it.


Not only was V cute, but Jihoon also remembers how cheerful V was as soon as he entered the company.

6. Jimin

Jihoon remembers how cute Jimin was when he first met him, as, at the time, Jimin still had a bit of baby fat on his face.

Jimin’s dancing was also something that amazed Jihoon, as he couldn’t believe how good of a dancer Jimin was.

7. Jungkook

When Jihoon first saw Jungkook, he immediately knew that he was going to be popular.

The reason why was because of how cute he was, and Jihoon couldn’t help but smile, thinking about how cute Jungkook used to be.

However, Jihoon also admitted that while Jungkook can be cute, he can also be scary due to his skills.

Here’s the full video below!