Former Japanese JYP Trainee Dishes Secrets On TWICE and SIXTEEN

Former JYP trainee reveals things about TWICE and SIXTEEN you never knew!

She’s a former JYP Entertainment trainee (for 2 years) and trained with members from SIXTEEN, including TWICE. Now, she’s spilling all the juicy details about TWICE when they were trainees. She’s also got some amazing insider information.. that no one has heard before.

The biggest twist? She also trained at SM Entertainment for 10 months.. so read until the end for a little bonus ;).


1. Mina and Sana were the “visuals” of the Japanese team.


2. Mina was very popular among male trainees and “only smiled when the male trainees said she was pretty.”


3. Momo was one of the oldest girls in the Japanese team, but had the most child-like personality.


4. She thought that Nayeon was the prettiest trainee, out of everyone there.


5. Former 6MIX members, Cecilia and Lena, were asked to leave by JYP Entertainment after an extremely serious problem.

Cecilia on the left, Lena on the right.


6. None of the trainees were severely bullied, but there were trainees who were considered “outcasts”. There was a lot of gossip and rumors that spread amongst trainees too.


7. Mina knew she was pretty, but didn’t act arrogant or bragged about it. She’d only show off a few selfies that she really like.


8. The leader of JYP Entertainment’s Japanese trainees, Sika, was the first to leave the team. She left before they appeared on Sixteen, where the trainees went on to eventually form TWICE.

Photo of Sika.


9. Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Jihyo, who used to be a part of group 6MIX, were close to each other before becoming group members for TWICE.


10. Mina, Sana and Momo, who were members of the Japanese team, were also close friends before joining TWICE together.


11. It was the same situation with Dahyun and Chaeyoung, who were also in the same trainee team at JYP Entertainment.. and are still best friends as TWICE members!


12. Tzuyu was closest with Cher and Yerin, but unfortunately, Cher was asked to leave JYP Entertainment.

Former JYP trainee Cher


13. Somi, the most outgoing SIXTEEN member, was close with all the trainees.


14. Nayeon could not do the splits even when she was a trainee.


15. Natty was originally not supposed to appear on SIXTEEN. She replaced the JYP trainee, after she left. Tzuyu was also not meant to appear, but was a replacement for Lena.


16. Tzuyu wasn’t known for her “looks” as a trainee, except by the Japanese trainee team who always mentioned how pretty she was.


17. Momo has an extremely loud scream. 😂


18. SIXTEEN was not fake. TWICE was picked from the show, and the rumors that members were pre-selected are completely false.


19. TWICE and DAY6 are close. Nayeon and Sungjin are good friends.


20. Momo has farted in front of the JYP trainee before. 🤣


21. Mina and Momo rarely start conversations with others, because they’re so introverted. They don’t talk to anyone when they’re angry. Sana’s the exact opposite. She talks to everyone and when she’s angry.. she lets people know!


22. Momo was the greatest dancer at JYP Entertainment.


23. Nayeon, Dahyun, Jihyo, and Jeongyeon took English lessons while they were trainees.


24. Mina was already talented at dancing and singing, when she first joined JYP Entertainment.

Lastly.. about SM Entertainment: The difference between JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment is what they look for in a trainee. Personality and ethics matter at JYP Entertainment. It doesn’t at SM Entertainment, according to this former trainee.

Source: Youtube


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