The Only Four Girl Groups In K-Pop History To Win Best Rookie And A Daesang Award In The Same Year

The exclusive list is truly legendary!

As the year comes to an end, K-Pop fans get ready for a stream of year-end award shows to celebrate the achievements of idols. Amongst the awards available, it ranges from those for rookie groups and daesaengs, which are the grand prizes for the biggest achievements.

Here are the only four girl groups in K-Pop history to win both the “Best Rookie” award and a “Daesaeng.”

1. 2NE1

When it comes to the most iconic girl groups in K-Pop, it isn’t surprising that 2NE1 was the first group to win the best rookie and a grand prize in a single year. 2NE1 has always gained attention for their talent and really pushing the boundaries with their style and music.

2NE1 reunited at Coachella 2022. | @88rising/Twitter

At the 2009 MAMA Awards, the group picked up the prize for “Best New Female Artist” and picked up the prize for having the best song of the year with their track “I Don’t Care.” With these achievements, they became the first group to win both the rookie award and a daesang in one year.

2. Miss A

When miss A debuted back in 2010, they immediately caught the attention of fans and saw their fame skyrocket almost instantly. It isn’t surprising that they are one of the few girl groups to make the list.

The members of miss A | JYP Entertainment

The group’s place on the list of their achievements came because of the 2010 MAMA Awards. During the event, the group won the “Best New Female Artist” but also clinched the grand prize as their song “Bad Girl Good Girl” also won the song of the year award.

3. aespa

Since debuting, the members of SM Entertainment‘s newest girl group, aespa, have cemented themselves as global superstars with their achievements during the past few years.

The members of aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

During their rookie year in 2021, aespa gained multiple awards for their status as new artists but also big awards. During the 2021 Melon Music Awards, the members took home “Best New Female Artist…”

But also the daesang for best record of the year for the song “Next Level.” Along with the awards for the MMAs, aespa also took home rookie awards and daesangs at the Korean Music Awards and the Asian Artist Awards.

4. IVE

Starship Entertainment‘s girl group IVE was the latest edition to the exclusive list of idols, and it all happened at the recent 2022 Melon Music Awards (known as the MMAs). The members have been wowing fans since their debut, gaining attention for their talent, visuals, and charisma.

Members of IVE | @IVEstarship/Twitter

On November 26, the group picked up huge wins at the 2022 Melon Music Awards. Unsurprisingly, they started by picking up the award for “Best New Artist,” which is the award for rookie idols.

They then shocked fans by receiving a daesang (Grand Prize) for “Song of the Year” with their epic track “Love Dive.” Considering the group only debuted in 2021, it wasn’t surprising that they got very emotional about the huge win, beating off some massive songs from experienced idols.

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