Fourth Generation K-Pop Girl Groups Wear Their “Knowing Bros” Uniforms Differently—And They Rock Each Style

Here’s what makes each one unique.

JTBC‘s Knowing Bros is a variety show where guests gather together in a classroom to discuss various topics and play games. Throughout the years, several girl groups have gone viral for their school girl fashion.

Now, the rising stars of the fourth generation are also showing off their individual styles. Check them out below!

1. IVE

First up, IVE was invited to Knowing Bros almost immediately after their debut. Wonyoung and Yujin represented the group, standing out with their charming personalities and visuals.

Wonyoung and Yujin

They had an opposite color scheme for the day. While Wonyoung wore a white top, Yujin had on a black cardigan.

They gave an elegant touch to the standard uniform design. Wonyoung had on a fancy collar…

…while Yujin had on a tasteful black beret and tie.


On the other hand, LE SSERAFIM leaned more towards the girl crush side in their Knowing Bros appearance.

Chaewon and Sakura represented the HYBE and Source Music girl group in the show.

Their red plaid skirts and classic white blouses made them both look like the queen bees of the school. Sassy and cool, they caught everyone’s attention effortlessly.

3. Billlie

Moving on, Billlie looked bright and cute in their yellow uniforms.

Moon Sua was the most unique with her flower-like brooch and pins on her beret. Tsuki, on the other hand, was the definition of adorable with her yellow bow and happy emoji brooch.

They were like rays of sunshine when appearing in front of the reporters.

4. aespa

Finally, aespa also had a noteworthy appearance in Knowing Bros. Among the girl groups listed here, they had the most classic uniform design reminiscent of what is sometimes worn in international schools.




…and Karina all rocked it in their gray scale outfits.

Whether they’re fancy, cool, cute, or classy, all of these fourth generation K-Pop idols slayed in their uniforms!