Girl Groups Wear Uniforms Differently On “Knowing Bros”—Here’s Proof Using The Styles Of 6 Groups

Check out the difference here.

JTBC‘s Knowing Bros is the television program to watch when when you’re in need of a laugh…and eye candy. The female guests are popular for appearing in school uniforms and looking great while they’re at it!

Upon closer inspection, each girl group has shown up wearing their own styles of clothing. Check out their different takes on uniforms below!


Among everyone who has ever appeared on Knowing Bros, BLACKPINK had the most different fashion sense. Lisa, for instance, wore a high-fashion blazer that has yet to be seen on the show.

They definitely had their own high teen style! Jennie even wore a scarf and added a splash of color with the blue twilly on her bag.

Rosé and Jisoo were also both eye-catching in their opposite-colored vests.

2. Red Velvet

Meanwhile, Red Velvet had on a more classic uniform on the show. With a black and red plaid mini skirt and short bows, they were the girl crushes of everyone in the room.


Moving on, TWICE wore very colorful skirts on episode 15 of Knowing Bros. These definitely matched their fresh and lovable concept.

Along with their cute black ties, they all looked gorgeous in their outfits!

4. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl‘s yellow uniforms were the brightest that the show had ever seen. Like the rising stars that they are, no one could take their eyes off them.


In contrast, GFRIEND took on a more mature vibe with their navy blue cardigans and simple gray skirts. They looked like the older tutors of every student’s dreams.

6. AOA

Finally, AOA wore the classic Korean winter uniform with long sleeved white blouses under warm vests and blazers. These seniors in the industry proved that they never age!

When it comes to fashion styles, every group’s preferences are unique!

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