A Nintendo Wii Is The Reason ASTRO’s Rocky Became An Idol, He Reveals—Here’s How

Rocky once rejected becoming an idol, but a Nintendo Wii console changed everything. Here’s the full story.

McDonald’s Teases Release Dates For The BTS Meal Promotions

We might be getting photocards after all?! 👀

Producer Na Young Seok Asks BTS’s Jungkook To Use His “Sold Out King” Title To Promote His Show

There isn’t anything he can’t sell!

TXT’s Newest Trailer Accused Of Plagiarizing Burberry Ad — Burberry’s Director Responds

“It’s obviously inspired, but I don’t mind.”

BTS Releases First Set of Individual “Butter” Teaser Photos

It’s comeback time!

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Here’s 10+ Of The Funniest Moments From NCT DREAM’s Comeback Show

Jaemin is too funny! 😂

These Are The Shortest To Tallest Average Heights Of 16 Fourth Generation K-Pop Boy Groups

The difference between the shortest and tallest averages is almost 4″!

4 Times BTS And Their Staff Were Ready To “Throw Hands” At Each Other

The hyungs thought the staff was “favoring” Jungkook in #4! 🤣

35 Adorable Behind-The-Scenes Pictures Of ATEEZ From The “Kingdom” Sports Episode

They may be beasts on stage, but they’re so cute in reality!

BTS’s V And Jimin Tried To Become Announcers And They May Have Found A New Calling

Is there anything they can’t do?

All 30 Music Show Awards That ATEEZ Has Been Nominated For Or Won

There have been 20 nominations and 10 wins!

BTS Wouldn’t Leave RM Alone, And He Was Ready To Throw Hands

Jungkook made sure that RM couldn’t complete his mission!

The 15 Most Successful K-Pop Albums From April, According To Gaon

Five albums made over 100k sales in the month!

Jimin Sees Each BTS Member Like A Different Type Of Family Member

Which member is like his pet?

This Iconic Abandoned Building Has Been In Many Projects—But Have You Noticed It?

We can guarantee you’ve seen it! But where?

The New BigHit Music Trainees Have Visuals Like Their Seniors, According To Netizens

They might debut in the new boy group.

Seo Ye Ji Wins Female Popularity Award At Baeksang Arts Awards Show, Currently Discussing Attendance For The Ceremony

She won the award.

BTS Jimin’s Rainbow Cotton Candy Hair Earns Him A New Nickname

They’re like twins! 🌈

4 Times Stylists Put ITZY’s Safety At Risk With Oversized Shoes

The members could’ve easily been hurt.

BTS Thought V Was Taking A Picture Of Jimin, But They Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

Jimin was in “disbelief!”

Here Are The Line Distributions For All 10 Tracks On NCT Dream’s “Hot Sauce” Album

NCT Dream is back, but how even are their lines?

EXO Announces First Group Album Release After 18 Months Away

EXO’s back?!?

EXO’s Sehun Asks Sasaengs To Stop Calling Him On Live Stream

He handled the situation well.

“Youth With You 3” Production Team Releases Statement Regarding Finale And Debut Team Cancellation

IQIYI denied rumors of a chosen winning group.