20+ Of The Funniest ARMY Reactions To BTS J-Hope’s Legendary “Jack In The Box” Listening Party

“There were so many people at the party I had to check if I wasn’t there.”

BTS‘s J-Hope just threw the most legendary listening party ahead of his new solo album Jack in the Box‘s release on July 15. Literally, nearly everyone from the Korean music industry was there!

ARMYs watched updates via social media, and naturally, they had reactions though they weren’t there. So, here are 20+ of the funniest reactions to J-Hope’s epic celebrity-filled party…

1. Everyone in South Korea could see it from their house.

2. Maybe we had it wrong. J-Hope was the one throwing all the parties, not GOT7’s Jackson Wang.

3. When you have homework, but your friends are going to a party, kind of vibes

4. “How much more do I gotta drink for the pain?”

5. BTS Island: In the SEOM Suga made an appearance!

6. Messaging J-Hope to find out where our invite is…

7. Same energy as celebrity guest stars on sitcoms

8. Jungkook is so real.

9. Jin might actually be an introvert too!

10. Ready to take home goodie bags and snacks

11. Well, where is it?

12. *Googling while scrolling Twitter*

13. BTS are the celebrities’ celebrities, it’s true.

14. V was dancing with his shirt off?!

15. We might as well have been there.

16. Wait. Were we there?

17. J-Hope gonna forget he threw the most legendary party ever. 😭

18. Bang PD crashed the party!

19. We got to stay updated.

20. The FOMO is real.

21. A new boyfriend RM meme has been born.

22. Those Arson cocktails are crazy.

23. The real reason why Park Bo Gum isn’t there…

24. The only time we would want to go to an exercise class

25. Where is Suga?

26. We found Suga!

27. We hope those rooms were locked tight.

28. TedTalk? More Like HopeTalk.

29. Our multiverse of madness

30. It’s our turn to party now…