10+ Funniest ARMY Reactions To BTS V’s Shirtless Photo

V tried to warn us…

Vogue Korea recently released photos of BTS‘s V for their October issue, leaving ARMYs in shock.


If that wasn’t enough, V dropped a behind-the-scenes photo of himself shirtless!

So, here are 10+ of the funniest ARMY reactions to V’s shirtless pic…

1. Our collective reactions:

2. This is actually very educational.

3. At least wear a scarf; it’s cold out.

4. You can’t say V didn’t warn us.

5. Suga was trying to put a stop to it…

6. Stop looking at him! There’s nothing to see here!

7. A work of art.

8. It wouldn’t be the first or last time…

9. This is only the beginning.

10. TATA was caught slacking on their job.

11. The new era is looking good.

Read more about V’s shirtless photo below.

BTS’s V Sends The Internet Into Meltdown With A New Shirtless Picture, And Even J-Hope Is Shook