BTS’s V Sends The Internet Into Meltdown With A New Shirtless Picture, And Even J-Hope Is Shook

We can’t wait to see what else “Chapter 2” brings!

Earlier in the year, it seemed like BTS was going down a new route. In June, the words “Chapter 2” started trending on social media by ARMYs, and it was all about fans freaking out about the next stage in BTS’s career.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

For many, the release of PROOF was the ending of the first chapter of the members’ careers and was the perfect way to start “Chapter 2.”

Yet, it seemed to be the complete opposite and involved the members wearing a lot less clothing. During the past few months, netizens have been sent into meltdown by the members posting images revealing more than ARMYs expected.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram
BTS Jimin’s preview | HYBE
Jungkook showing his abs at a concert in America | I Dare U/Twitter

In particular, one person who has continued to shock netizens is BTS’s V. Normally, V wows with his visuals, charms and can honestly send the internet into meltdown by just smiling.


Back in June, it seemed like V was starting to join the rest of the members in breaking fans with shirtless pictures.

After performing on M Countdown, V posted some pictures from behind the scenes of the music show. It was all fine until ARMYs zoomed closer in on the first image to see that V wasn’t wearing a shirt! With just a pale blue cardigan, V was literally wearing nothing on the top apart from the jacket and a gold chain…

| @thv/Instagram

Well, it seems like V is back and ready to cause some chaos. On September 8 (KST), netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when images were released for V’s special Vogue edition that is set to be released.

V’s preview for the Vogue edition | @voguekorea/Twitter
| @voguekorea/Twitter

Not even 24 hours later and V managed to single-handedly break the internet with his latest Instagram post. V’s Instagram feed has always been full of art, fashionable photos, and memories of his trips.

His latest one definitely seemed to buck the trend. In two photos, one in color and one in black and white, V seemed to be enjoying some sun… but without a shirt on.

| @thv/Instagram

In the photo, although V’s full face can’t be seen, he is sitting, relaxing with his jacket around his wrists and exposing his back.

| @thv/Instagram

When the images were shared, the internet rightly went into meltdown.

Many even wondered if it could be a hint about the upcoming photoshoot he did with Vogue.

One user even shared how quickly the posts had received millions of likes, and it isn’t surprising to see why.

Yet, it wasn’t just ARMYs who were sent into shock. After the photos were posted, a member of BTS also seemed shocked by what he was seeing, and it was none other than J-Hope. In the comments, J-Hope spoke for all ARMYs when he posted the shocked emoji followed by fire emojis.

If this is really only the first few months of “Chapter 2,” then ARMYs are in for one huge ride if the members keep posting content like this. V seems to be more comfortable sharing images like this with ARMYs, and it’s definitely causing some emotions.

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