The Funniest Bootlegged BT21 Merch That Will Make Your Week

Some companies tried… they really did.

With BTS conquering the world, someone has to be conquering the merch. BT21 was created by BTS in 2017 and has often sold out immediately. So, it makes sense why other companies and individuals would try to replicate them to make some money. Though, they don’t always turn out that great…

1. The Infamous Long SHOOKY

This SHOOKY has been floating around the fandom for what feels like forever. While a pencil case of the other characters’ bodies isn’t a bad idea, for SHOOKY, it’s just plain wrong and this thing will haunt you.

| @theyolo30/Instagram

2. TATA has seen some things…

If you’re not well-versed in BT21, this pillow may not feel that wrong to you… but ARMYs always know. This pillow’s pencil-thin eyebrows and slight frown do not bring love to the world. In fact, the world is wondering if TATA is okay. Not to mention there appears to be more than just his usual heart head… his severed body.

| @bangtan_jimjams/Twitter

3. This KOYA can speak for himself…

His intelligence seems to have finally affected his head and made it huge… and shrunk his body.

| Mercado Libre México

4. That’s an interesting choice…

While the fur is also an odd choice, the most interesting choice is smacked in the middle of KOYA’s forehead. No one knows if it’s a manufacturing error or if the crafters just genuinely thought he needed a nose job.

| @etherealitae/Twitter

5. D-Did he get stung by a bee?

This CHIMMY would be perfectly fine, downright buyable in fact… if it wasn’t for that massive chin. CHIMMY’s usual head is essentially a circle, and if you can’t even get a circle right, well…

| @theyolo30/Instagram

6. He has nostrils?

While the idea for nostrils isn’t odd for a normal koala, it’s pretty disturbing for KOYA. What used to be his giant, cute, oval nose is now a scarily humanoid nose. Along with his sickly seafoam color, this koala needs help.

| @hyojinily/Twitter

7. MANG went from horse to elephant real fast.

Admittedly, this needs to be bought immediately. While the snout is curved and long, it’s actually kind of insanely cute. The triangle-shaped one needs some work though.

| @jjongwonnie/Twitter

8. RJ shaved a little too much…

Probably one of the biggest charms of the loveable alpaca is his fluffy wool. Maybe he made way too many coats this year, but that doesn’t make this bald RJ okay. His ears have also grown quite a bit, is he being a rabbit for Halloween?

| @wintercherrybom/Twitter

9. Is TATA okay?

This shirt is actually really cute and feels almost like a real product. The biggest problem, however, is TATA’s missing arm, his slightly upset face, and the fact that “JOIN ME” reads more as horror than loving.

| @louderthanjhs/Twitter

10. What even is this?

What can only be assumed to be a phone stand, this product is not how CHIMMY was supposed to end up. What’s worse? The weirdly squashed body? Or the crooked face?

| Wish

11. His cheeks!

It seems like CHIMMY can’t catch a break because this is already “CHIMMY is Not Okay: Part 3”. Yes, CHIMMY can be seen with chubby cheeks, but this is just overkill.

| @viii_xiiu96/Twitter

12. Someone free him…

It seems like someone tried to include BT21 in the slime trend, but it’s just weird.

| @hyojinily/Twitter

13. It’s not a phase, Mom!

There’s not much to say about this one, MANG is just a goth rat now, apparently.

| @hyyhera/Twitter

14. There’s just so much wrong here…

From the almost neon bright colors, to CHIMMY and SHOOKY’s incorrect colors, to KOYA’s “anime” eyes, there’s a lot to take in here. Did they even try?

(Although, the brown CHIMMY kind of looks like his friend from the HAPPY KIDDOS, so maybe they were on to something.)

| @abbycaddaby1/Twitter

15. When you ask your family for BT21 stuff—

We’ve all been there, you ask your parents for K-Pop merch and they have no clue what you’re talking about. At least this fan’s brother was close when he came back with gifts from Mexico.

| @GOTH_MYG/Twitter