30+ Funniest BTS ARMY “BORACARPET” Edits And Memes

The BORACARPET was the main event!

Last night, BTS broke the record for most wins of “Group of the Year” at MTV‘s 2022 VMAs (also known as The 2022 Video Music Awards).

The group did not attend the award show this year, though, as each member is currently busy with solo projects and more. So, as many tuned in to The 2022 VMAs, including its red carpet coverage, ARMYs offered an alternative: BORACARPET, the purple carpet event featuring BTS icons.

The “BORACARPET” trended throughout the night as ARMYs posted edits and memes. Here are 30+ of the funniest…

1. Yeontan arrived!

2. Our ARMY grandpa even showed.

3. The hyperrealistic BT21 stunned everyone with their visuals.

4. Of course, Coldplay had to come!

5. SOPE is killing it in the fashion game always.

6. Still, In the SEOM RM took home “Best Dressed.”

7. Min Yoonji always slays.

8. Mariachi Jimin is an icon.

9. The Hot Girl Coach herself!

10. Jimin had multiple looks prepared.

11. Even TWICE made an appearance!

12. Tony Stark (also known as Iron Man) flew in for the event.

13. Of course, it’s not a party with Bang PD!

14. ARMYs came prepared for a good time.

15. He is the moment. It’s Taechwita!

16. Benny Blanco scored an invite.

17. Jeon Bam surprised fans by making an appearance too.

18. In the SEOM J-Hope and Jungkook stole the show as a fight broke out.

19. But “Good Boy Jimin” brought peace.

20. TinyTAN came fashionably late.

21. Just when we thought “Best Dressed” had already been awarded…

22. It turns out the whole In the SEOM crew was there!

23. OMG, even the legendary ARMY Bombs were there?!

24. We love a “come as you are” event.

25. All eyes were on Jason Derulo…

26. Jungkook was a runner-up for “Best Dressed.”

27. John Cena is always ready for a BTS celebration…

28. And so are Silk Sonic!

29. Everyone’s favorite ARMY mom came dressed to impress.

30. Is it even a BTS event if she isn’t there?

31. NewJeans made their BORACARPET debut!

32. TXT always support their hyungs.

33. And, of course, the guests of honor BTS themselves…