Here’s 10 Of The Funniest Moments From The Finale Of “Run BTS!” X “The Game Caterers”

The collaboration special ended with even funnier and more chaotic moments!

The Run BTS! collaboration special with tvN‘s The Game Caterers has concluded with three final videos. It featured BTS playing a series of games but with twists! As an example, the members were challenged to go without speaking any English during a game of table tennis. Of course, a lot of chaos ensued!

Here are 10 of the funniest moments…

1. When Suga was basically Google

2. This Taegi moment

3. Whatever this is that RM was doing

4. When the trophy is literally bigger than Jimin

5. The return of “You got no jams”

6. This game is perhaps the funniest moment of all

7. Jimin’s POV

8. Jimin’s unusual punishment

9. When Jin flexed on everyone

10. Yoonmin bickering

Source: 채널 십오야


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