Here’s 5+ Of The Punniest K-Pop Memes Inspired By Subtle Asian Traits’ Park Seo Joon Trend

Park Seo Joon has now inspired K-Pop stans too!

Recently, another meme trend has taken over the internet! A new set of memes became popularized in the Facebook group subtle asian traits, beginning as the “PSJ trend” as they typically featured a picture of actor Park Seo Joon with a play on words of his name, creating essentially “dad jokes.” They’re so punny that BTS‘s Jin would definitely approve!

The trend became so popular that it spread to other social media sites such as Twitter, and K-Pop stans joined the fun. Park Seo Joon is just so inspirational…

| @kdramawrld/Twitter & subtle Asian traits/Facebook

So, here are 5+ of the funniest (and punniest) K-Pop memes inspired by the Park Seo Joon trend that are honestly so bad they’re good…

1. As Lil Cherry once said, “Y’all tryna eat, eat, eat, eat. I’m tryna feast, feast, feast, feast…”

| subtle asian traits/Facebook

2. When you never want Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon to leave you…

| subtle asian traits/Facebook

3. Side effects include binge-watching 2PM music videos, Vincenzo, and Bring It On, Ghost

| subtle asian traits/Facebook

4. Only two moods:

| subtle asian traits/Facebook

5. Two sweet things: cookies and Bae Suzy

| subtle asian traits/Facebook

6. Well, if you can’t be as stylish as BLACKPINK’s Jisoo… Uh?

| subtle asian traits/Facebook

7. It Looks like we’re all naming our cars after our biases now…

| @vminjinnnn/Twitter
| @Marrysa15/Twitter
| @10gerinee/Twitter
| @MaidenMermaid_/Twitter
| @royalzyl/Twitter
| @ATEEZEUUU/Twitter
| @DoWonSunJaeYoun/Twitter
| @indian_eri_ot9/Twitter

Bonus: BTS on opposite day

| @blossomh_/Pinterest

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