10+ Funniest ARMY Reactions To BTS V’s “Shortest Weverse Live Broadcast Ever”

The HYBE intern saw their life flash before their eyes…

BTS‘s V made history with the record for “Shortest Weverse Live Broadcast.”

He held the broadcast for just only one minute and 34 seconds, as he didn’t have staff to accompany him. Still, he wanted to test out the app’s features!

The live button on [my phone] got updated so I tried it out… It works.

— V

So, here are the funniest ARMY reactions to V’s shortest Weverse Live ever…

1. When V is not only an idol but IT

2. V calling ARMY whenever he misses us like…

3. The HYBE intern seeing their life flash before their eyes…

4. Jin and V holding two very different records

5. Iconic thumbnails

6. “One time for the present, Two times for the past…”

7. Time to get back to work

8. Duality king

9. Getting the notification just as V ends the Live like…

10. We can always count on V to cheer us up.

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BTS’s V Makes History With The Record For The Shortest Weverse Live Broadcast — All Because He Wanted To Test The Platform

Source: Weverse