10 Of The Funniest Things BTS’s V Has Ever Said On Weverse

He flirts, teases, and clowns fans whenever he logs on.

Last year, BTS‘s Jin earned an attendance award for being a dedicated Weverse app user, but deserves to win an award too. He loves to log in to game with, tease, and even flirt with ARMYs. Here 10 of his funniest comments.

1. This rejected marriage proposal

When an ARMY asked V to marry her, he said, “No!” Ouch.

2. That time he charmed an ARMY’s husband

On May 6, a fan left this post on Weverse“Our Taehyungie, I love you more than I love my husband~ My husband is jealous beside me.” 

V wrote back “husband-nim” with a smirking emoji, a blushing kiss emoji, and a blushing smiling face.

3. That time he rejected Bang Si Hyuk

One time, a fan wrote “I love you” with a photo of Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk.

V wrote back, “Who are you?”, in dialect.

4. That time he might have gotten a fan suspended

A fan posted these photos of V with the caption, “Same person?”. V wrote back, “Please suspend this person for three days.” 

5. Still no love for Bang PD

When a fan professed their love for Bang Si Hyuk, V replied with, “SMH.” First of all, where did he learn that slang for “shaking my head”? Secondly, poor PD-nim!

6. Excuse me, what?

In an effort to communicate with the members, a fan used an auto-translator to leave a song recommendation for V.

V replied in English. He probably didn’t mean to sound flirty, but these six words made ARMY panic!

7. When he literally clowned fans

8. His response to this epic Photoshop fail

When this promotional image for Bodyfriend dropped, fans were shocked by how little BTS looked like BTS.

On Weverse, a fan posted the photo with the caption, “Why does Namjoon oppa have three hands?????” V happened to see the post, and he was shocked too!

No words, just emojis. That’s all that was needed!

9. When he was ready to run after the rap line

V isn’t part of the rap line, but he’s not giving up on his dream! A fan left this boastful message for anti-fans: “Haters, the rap line is going out, you’re all finished.” 

V wrote, “I’m going out too, wait a little while!! Let me put my shoes on first.” 

10. These mistranslations

Sometimes the Weverse translator has a mind of its own. That, or microscopic ARMYs are living inside everybody’s phones!