Here Are 14+ Of The Funniest Tweets About “Run BTS!” Quiz Show

The laughs continue even after the episode ends!

In episode 136 of Run BTS!, BTS competed in three teams of two for an “entertainment quiz show.” The episode was filled with laughs as the members guessed riddles and answered various questions. The laughs continued after the episode ended as ARMY posted their tweet reactions.

Here are 14+ of the funniest tweets about the latest Run BTS! episode:

1. Accurate

2. The best editors of all time

3. When Jimin was censored

4. Me trying to understand the rules like…

5. Jin gave us duality

6. As they should

7. Jungkook is a living emoji

8. BTS continues to contribute to our mental health

9. Consistency is key

10. When Jimin and J-Hope tried to phone home for help

11. Guaranteed serotonin in every episode

12. RM is an underrated comedian

13. Busan Bros no more

14. We smile when they smile

Source: BTS