9 Funniest TXT Moments That Proved That They Are Agents Of Chaos, According To Fans

Five individual comedians in a group.

There are very few K-Pop groups out there who can compete with TXT in being completely unhinged on camera. Right from their debut days, the quintet won hearts for their quirky personalities and hilarious dynamic. So, when a recent fan tweet asked which are the group’s funniest moments ever, MOAs delivered some quality content.

Here 9 of the funniest TXT moments according to their fans:

1. When Beomgyu was playing the flute while all five of them were getting mobbed

Have you ever seen a more level-headed individual in the face of trouble?

2. That’s…one way of interpreting the lyrics…

Leave it to Yeonjun to bring in some new flavors to a song.

3. Why does Beomgyu know that information?

Also, why did everyone else react to this as if it were the most normal thing to know?

4. The unrivaled king of TikTok

Top-tier comic timing. There needs to be some sort of an award for this.

5. It wasn’t the Magic Hour for Hueningkai yet

Two best friends in a room; they might do the same magic trick very differently.

6. Self-awareness is the key…?

Why is it always Beomgyu at the crime scene?

7. Hammer game from Hell

Some of the hits were definitely personal.

8. Yeonjun let his intrusive thoughts win

Please don’t ask for the context, there isn’t any.

9. When Taehyun was a Gen Z on camera

He looks like he knows something the rest of us don’t.

Everyone, please make way for the 4th gen leaders of chaos, Tomorrow X Together.


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