These 20 Ridiculous K-Pop Moments Are Guaranteed To Make You Burst Out Laughing

Everyone needs to see #5.

From heart-wrenchingly adorable to outrageously crazy, these K-Pop moments are bound to leave you wheezing. Try not to laugh too hard as you scroll through all 20 GIFs that will make you question your existence.

1. Pooh-rene is not having it today.

2. TaeminGetsGreedy.gif

3. Expectations: Chuu heart. Reality: Eating a burger.

4. Don’t act like you’ve never eaten a full plate of spaghetti on a roller coaster before.

5. This is the moment when you realize you haven’t started your summer homework.

6. Confetti is a great post-performance snack for Lia.

7. “Eugh, what is this– Oh, hi.”

8. Timing can really make or break a moment.

9. The more you watch it, the more iconic it becomes.

10. Jisoo is about to throw hands for her Care Bear.

11. This is TXT’s leader, Soobin. He’s made of clay.

12. Don’t worry, SinB. Nobody saw that.

13. Seulgi is just really, really smol.

14. The world was never the same after Junkyu walked into this room and said “annyeonghaseyo.”

15. Hotel: Trivago. Eunha: Tiny.

16. TaeminBeingTaemin.gif

17. Jennie may seem big and charismatic on stage, but IRL she’s just a peanut.

18. Slay, Jihoon.

19. “I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine.”

20. Current mood.