20+ Hilarious No-Context K-Pop Moments That Will Make You Question Your Sanity

Try not to laugh at #5.

From accidents to pranks to the unexplainable, these 25 moments from your favorite K-Pop idols will leave you wheezing. Try not to laugh as you scroll through these classic moments that everyone needs to watch at least twice.

1. The timing has never been so flawless.

2. Reminder: DK was actually touching udon noodles.

3. How to defeat RM: Send one air-born Chimmy.

4. It’s all fun and games until Taeyong breaks a lightstick.

5. Nothing beats V clowning his hyung.

6. Joy is that irritating little sister that just won’t leave you alone.

7. Revenge is a dish best served immediately.

8. Please remember to take all belongings with you…including V.

9. From that day on, Taeyong never saw armpits the same.

10. Yuju and SinB have absolutely no chill.

11. This seems normal until you realize Byungchan’s blowing off his cold noodles.

12. Just slowly look away…

13. Dino is just too cute to hit.

14. But…you’re in the same group!

15. In a moment like this, all you can say is sorry.

16. J-Hope may have been a little aggressive here.

17. Jun is a visual representation of when your social battery runs out.

18. Introducing the newest K-Pop hair trend!

19. Kihyun’s face of deception followed by Shownu’s face of satisfaction says it all.

20. Whoops.

21. Crisis averted!

22. Awkward interactions with idols don’t exi–

23. Be careful when handling sharp objects, Sungjae.

24. SinB’s suffering caused by her members seems to be a common theme here.

25. This must be a typical day in the life of TXT.

26. This is Seunghee’s reaction when she caught her fansite filming another member.

27. Bye, Hoshi!

28. Only Taeyong eats like this.

29. No worries, Seungkwan is okay.

30. Seunghee was shocked when these two fansign attendees were actually in a relationship!