Get Ready to Scream With These 11 Groups Playing “Annyeong Cleopatra”

These groups could also debut as dolphins, kettles, and whistles.

Annyeong Cleopatra is a Korean drinking game that became a go-to game for idols to play on variety shows, at fan signs, and beyond. The game is simple: sing – or scream – the phrase “Hi, Cleopatra. The best potato chip in the world” (in Korean) in a higher key than the person before you. Fail to do so, and you lose. This game gets really high (and hilarious) really fast.

Here are 11 idol groups battling it out to become the world’s best potato ch- I mean, the world’s high note champion. No dolphins were harmed in the making of this list, but a lot of throats and ears were.

1. Wanna One

Deep-voiced rapper Woojin put main vocal Jaehwan to shame with his high notes. Kettles everywhere were found jobless.


Eunwoo gave it a fine fight, but couldn’t overcome Rocky’s dolphin call.

3. SF9

The rappers dominated in SF9 as well, with Chani unleashing his inner police whistle and winning the game.


MAMAMOO and GFRIEND prove that this isn’t just a boys’ game in this heated competition. It might not be a boys’ game, but it’s still a rapper’s game as rapper Moonbyul “baby sharked” her way to victory.

5. iKON

iKON took a smoother approach to the game… until B.I. got involved. Unfortunately, Chanwoo couldn’t hang with his dolphin brethren and lost to Bobby. So far the rappers remain undefeated.


I.M keeps the momentum going for rapline as he belts an altered version of the phrase for MONSTA X’s variety show The Future Diary. If wandering the streets in strange outfits wasn’t MONSTA X enough, add screaming to the mix and you’ve got yourself The Future Diary.


Momo pulls a win for the dancers! Someone take her off of the fire, I think she’s boiling.


EXID plays while behind the scenes of their Up & Down music video. Hani didn’t win, but she tried the hardest. A for effort, Hani!

9. BTS

V almost pulled off a win for the vocals, but he couldn’t finish the phrase to defeat rapper Suga.

10. Oh My Girl

In a unique spin, Oh My Girl members attach a punishment to losing the game: you must sing a song. I never knew this game could sound so angelic.


It’s a battle of the Minhyuks in what might be the most intense Annyeong Cleopatra game ever caught on film. Eunkwang struggled and almost got the win but rapline did what it does best and Jooheon ended with the highest note.

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