These 15 Casual Outfits Of GFRIEND’s SinB Will Teach You How To Dress

These simple tips will make achieving her style SO much easier.

Wherever she goes, GFRIEND’s SinB is the queen of aesthetic fashion. From her fancy airport looks to her casual music show entrance outfits, there’s some aspect of her style that everyone will like. Master her techniques with these 15 outfits that will inspire you to dress how you really want to!

1. Her go-to look? Some high-waisted baggy jeans and a bucket hat.

2. Every detail matches from her shoes to the logo on her shirt.

3. You can’t go wrong with a jean jacket and booties.

4. SinB loves to carry structured bags. They look cute and have more space!

5. Coordinating the color of your casual outfit to your purse will instantly upgrade your look — even if it took you 5 minutes to get ready.

6. A flowy blouse shows off your figure when tucked into a fitted skirt.

7. She looks super youthful with overalls, a baseball cap, and bright sneakers.

8. Say hello to the perfect autumn outfit — a teddy bear coat, black skinnies, and white booties!

9. An alternative way to rock her baggy jean look is by layering a fun colored jacket on top.

10. Simple black accessories like her purse and shoes let her dress do the talking.

11. One of the many uses for a white button-up shirt includes tucking it into some sexy frayed shorts and pairing with heels.

12. SinB loves to play with shape, like this oversized plaid shirt. Do a french tuck in the front to keep it from overwhelming your frame.

13. Try playing with patterns like her combo of this striped shirt and grid-patterned skirt.

14. A pretty blazer and tiny shorts (or a skirt!) are popular in Korean fashion.

15. Neutral-toned outfits don’t have to be boring — add in a fun pattern or texture to mix it up!