Here Are GFRIEND SinB’s Top 15 Most Iconic Stage Outfits

Outfit #3 is unexpected but she pulls it off flawlessly!

GFRIEND’s SinB looks stunning on stage in her glamorous stage outfits. Check out these 15 looks that fans will never forget!

1. She looked unbelievably fierce in this iconic set.

2. This combination of a lacy blouse and belted one-piece romper accentuated SinB’s figure.

3. She went for a new look in baggy jeans and a crop top but kept it classy with a cool blazer.

4. Leopard print and aqua are gorgeous on her, especially with her fair skin and dark hair!

5. From head to toe, she’s absolutely adorable in this two-piece set.

6. The pearls and blush tones are the ultimate feminine aesthetic.

7. Even in a more casual and sporty look, SinB rocks it.

8. She’s serving CEO vibes in this belted blazer.

9. This simple combo is made a bit edgier with a chain belt.

10. This baby blue look is full of intricate and fun details that make it a memorable outfit.

11. This white shirt tucked into a leather skirt is totally sexy.

12. She looks amazing in this gorgeous off-the-shoulder top.

13. With a structured jacket and a pleated skirt, her tiny waist steals the show.

14. It’s safe to say red is definitely her color.

15. Stylists always cinch her waist with a thick belt.