Here Are 10+ Oddly Satisfying GIFs Of GFRIEND’s Synchronized Choreography

#5 is seriously impressive.

Take a look at some of GFRIEND‘s most synchronized moments when it comes to knife-like choreography!

1. They don’t miss a beat.

2. Their clock choreography is legendary for its synchronization.

3. Watch their hands.

4. Not only do they match each other perfectly, but they also match themselves during each verse.

5. You can’t even tell that every member is dancing in a line — It looks like just Eumji!

6. This hand flower, though.

7. This GIF overlaps them with their other verse: Check out their accuracy.

8. They move like one unit instead of six separate people.

9. All of their performances are consistent.

10. GFRIEND has brought the intensity since day one.

11. …And they still do to this day!

12. Watching them is seriously addicting.

13. They mastered the domino effect.

14. Another incredible overlap comparison.

15. How do they even do this?!

16. This performance was unreal.

17. You can’t watch it only once.

18. They take dance practice extremely seriously, and it shows on stage.

19. You can’t help but fall for GFRIEND when you realize how immensely talented they are!

20. All of their angles are the exact same.

21. They make it look so easy to be this synchronized.

22. With tons of dancers behind them, they become a synchronized army.

23. If it’s GFRIEND, there’s got to be knife-like choreography.

24. You won’t catch them slipping from any angle.

25. They’re so pleasing to watch.

26. Not many idols can master having so much synergy within their group.

27. Stan talent, stan GFRIEND!