Here Is Just How Uneven The 21 Line Distributions Are For (G)I-DLE’s “I” Album Series

“HWAA” isn’t the only (G)I-DLE song with drastically uneven lines.

Recently, (G)I-DLE‘s newest comeback, “HWAA”, was criticized by fans for having an extremely uneven line distribution. In fact, a Chinese fan club of the group is halting album orders until this is changed to be more fair to the members.

However, this is not (G)I-DLE’s first song with such an uneven distribution of lines. In fact, it’s somewhat common knowledge that a couple members in particular — Shuhua and also Yuqi — tend to nearly always have the least amount of lines, sometimes to a drastic extent.

Here are the line distributions for all the songs in (G)I-DLE’s I album series, including I Am, I Made, I Trust, and I Burn, along with the total line percentage each member has for all of the songs.

I Am


2. “$$$”

3. “Maze”

4. “Don’t Text Me”

5. “What’s In Your House?”

6. “Hear Me”

Album Total:

Most lines: Miyeon (26.7%)

2nd: Minnie (20.1%)

3rd: Soyeon (16.9%)

4th: Soojin (14.9%)

5th: Yuqi (12.8%)

6th: Shuhua (8.8%)

I Made

1. “Senorita”

2. “What’s Your Name”

3. “Put It Straight”

4. “Give Me Your”

5. “Blow Your Mind”

Album Total:

Most lines: Soyeon (23.6%)

2nd: Minnie (21.3%)

3rd: Miyeon (18.9%)

4th: Soojin (17%)

5th: Yuqi (14%)

6th:  Shuhua (5.2%)

I Trust

1. “Oh My God”

2. “Luv U”

3. “Maybe”

4. “Lion”

Album Total:

Most lines: Soyeon (23.4%)

2nd: Soojin (20.8%)

3rd: Minnie (18.5%)

4th: Miyeon (14.4%)

5th: Shuhua (12.3%)

6th: Yuqi (10.8%)

I Burn

1. “HANN (Alone In Winter)”

2. “HWAA”

3. “Moon”

4. “Where Is Love”

5. “Lost”

6. “Dahlia”

Album Total:

Most lines: Minnie (25.6%)

2nd: Miyeon (17.8%)

3rd: Soojin (15.8%)

4th: Soyeon (15.4%)

5th: Yuqi (14.7%)

6th: Shuhua (10.4%)

Overall Total:

Most lines: Minnie (main vocalist): 21.5%

2nd: Miyeon (main vocalist, visual): 20.1%

3rd: Soyeon (leader, main rapper, sub-vocalist, center): 19.8%

4th: Soojin (main dancer, sub-vocalist, sub-rapper): 17.1%

5th: Yuqi (lead dancer, sub-vocalist, sub-rapper, face of the group): 13.1%

6th: Shuhua (sub-vocalist, visual, maknae): 9.1%