(G)I-DLE Shuhua’s Chinese Fan Club To Halt Album Orders Due To Unfair Line Distribution

They will not resume activities until Shuhua receives the parts she deserves.

Recently, six-member girl group (G)I-DLE released their fourth mini album I Burn with their lead single “HWAA” through CUBE Entertainment and Republic Records.

| CUBE Entertainment

According to Spotify, this album “poetically tells us that after every painful burn, we will bloom again with even more radiance.”

The group both self-produced and collaborated with various artists for the making of the album. The album is available in three different concept versions; Winter, Flower, and Fire.

| CUBE Entertainment

But after the release, fans found that the part distribution for the song was unequal with a 33.4 second gap between the member with the most parts and the member with the least parts.

| Idolworld

Member Shuhua received the least amount of parts, with just 3.9 seconds. After seeing this, Shuhua’s Chinese fan club announced that they would be halting album orders due to unfair line distributions.

Hello. We are Shuhua’s Chinese fan club. We are sorry to say that we have just made this decision and we hope that everyone can understand. After the opening of our fan club, we have always supported CUBE and never missed purchasing albums, and even when we didn’t have enough people we participated in supporting this most recent comeback. We also opened an event for the fan club to encourage fans to buy albums. However, today at 5 PM Beijing time, we were disappointed to see that Shuhua received 3.9 seconds for her solo part and 17 seconds in the official music video.

⁠— Shuhua Chinese Fan Club

They announced that they would be stopping all album orders until the agency responds accordingly to their demands.

This situation is very embarrassing to our fans. We believe that the agency should plan fairly for the growth of all their artists. But it seems like the agency has not taken care of Shuhua and has instead decreased her solo parts after their “Oh My God” comeback and have not given much care to her make up either. Chinese fans think this type of situation is pathetic. Until the agency can respond accordingly to our demands, we will be halting album orders starting today and support Shuhua personally. We will not return until Shuhua receives the parts she deserves.

⁠— Shuhua Chinese Fan Club

| @LipHop/Twitter

Taking a look at the group’s other songs, we can see that Shuhua received the most parts in their track “Lion.” Here is a break down of her parts:

  • 1:47~2:27- vocals and solo dance
  • 3:38~3:56- vocals
  • 4:39~4:49 vocals

Fans hope that CUBE will distribute fair line distributions in the future in order to help the growth and development of all their artists.

Source: idolworld