(G)I-DLE Yuqi’s Suggestive Lyrics In New Song Raise Eyebrows

Congrats on her solo debut!

(G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi recently made her Korean solo debut with the mini album Yuq1.

(G)I-DLE’s Yuq1 | Cube Entertainment

Following her pre-release track, “Could It Be,” fans were left waiting in anticipation for the title track, “Freaky.” Visually, “Freaky” pays homage to famous horror movie characters like Ghostface from Scream and Billy The Puppet from the Saw series.

However, while listening to the lyrics, some fans felt that some were more suggestive than expected!

The song’s intro begins with “She’s a certified freak, ten days a week.” While the lyrics can be taken as “freak,” being someone as weird or strange, in line with the track’s music video, they can also be taken in another way based on the other meaning of “freak” (someone who is sexually adventurous).

She’s a certified freak
Ten days a week
The way she’s movin’ got me crazy, got me weak (Yeah, yeah)

— Yuqi’s “Freaky”

This line, in particular, has earned comparisons to the lyrics of “Wap (featuring Megan Thee Stallion)” by Cardi B. The lyrics are nearly identical, except Cardi B says “seven days a week” rather than ten.

“Freaky”‘s second verse also has some questionable lyrics, including “freakin’ on the daily,” with the usage of “freakin'” being having sex. This continues with the line, “She rides the moto like Mercedes,” and it is very common for songs to use euphemisms like this to reference having sex in the cowgirl position.

The way she’s movin’ got me crazy
Freakin’ on the daily
We don’t need no Benz
She rides the Moto like Mercedes
She’s the only reason to make you stay this weekend
Go nowhere to be, you bring the mood, I’ll bring the way now

— Yuqi’s “Freaky

Another aspect of the song that raised listeners’ eyebrows is Yuqi’s usage of female pronouns. This could be explained by the fact that she seems to look in the mirror near the end of the song, making the listener realize that she is talking about herself.

Still, others have commented on the lyrics using female pronouns in the song, while also reflecting on the suggestive lyrics.


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