(G)I-DLE Comes Up With “Extra” Method To Compensate For Yuqi’s Absence At Recent Concert

The real queens of innovation!

K-Pop girl group (G)I-DLE gave a new height to the word “extra” while trying to fill the gap on stage due to a member’s absence at a recent performance.

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(G)I-DLE | Redferns

On April 21, KST (April 20 in local time), the girl group gave a memorable performance at Music Bank Antwerp, rocking the entire Sportspaleis arena with their hit songs like “Super Lady,” “Queen Card,” and “My Bag.”

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(G)I-DLE at Music Bank Antwerp

While (G)I-DLE’s powerful stage presence and live performance skills received huge praise from the audience and netizens alike, another aspect of their performance stole quite a lot of the spotlight.

While (G)I-DLE won hearts with the incredible show, fans couldn’t help but miss Yuqi, who had to sit out the performance due to scheduling conflicts. However, the group took a unique approach to ensuring that they could still have a “full” group performance on stage—they brought out an actual body double!

The body-double danced along with the rest of the members on stage but didn’t partake in any singing. She was otherwise fully committed to the bit, with the same blonde hair and a mask covering most of her face for a convincing Yuqi cosplay.

She even greeted fans after the performance along with the rest of the members.

Fans were thoroughly amused with this tactic, and some were even fooled initially. They also commended (G)I-DLE’s sense of humor, as this felt like a step up from the teddy bear they carried around when Shuhua was not able to participate in promotional activities.

Thank you to (G)I-DLE for not only giving a phenomenal performance at Antwerp but also delivering the funniest moment of the night!


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