Here’s How Much It Costs To Dress Like (G)I-DLE’s Minnie In K-Sitcom “So Not Worth It”

These outfits are so worth the price!

(G)I-DLE‘s Minnie made her acting debut in tvN and Netflix‘s Korean sitcom So Not Worth It. Her charming personality and relatable character stole the hearts of viewers. But, her eccentric and colorful outfits caught the eye of everyone. Despite looking expensive, several pieces from her outfits are surprisingly affordable, so you might be able to recreate some of the looks yourself!

Minnie in So Not Worth It | the g is silent/Tumblr

Here’s how much it costs to dress like Minnie in So Not Worth It

1. Imici Cardigan

Her iconic look from her solo poster is the double mixed cardigan from Icimi for $79 USD.

| @gidlefashion/Instagram & Netflix & Icimi

2. Targetto Cardigan

Another cute cardigan of Minnie’s comes from Targetto. The Gingham check cardigan in light purple costs $74 USD.

| @gidlefashion/Instagram & Netflix & Targetto

3. Luvistrue Knit and Rocci Rocci Skort

This cute outfit came together with the “PO Heart Knit” in ivory from Luvistrue for just $57 USD. The “skort” or skirt pants are from Rocci Rocci and cost $42.70 USD.

| @gidlefashion/Instagram & Netflix & Luvistrue & Rocci Rocci

4. GRIMEY Denim Shorts

Minnie’s cutoff denim shorts from GRIMEY cost $62 USD and are perfectly paired with a leather jacket.

| @gidlefashion/Instagram & Netflix & GRIMEY

5. Jaded London Hoodie

Her tie-dye paisley print oversized hoodie is from Jaded London and costs $103 USD.

| @gidlefashion/Instagram & Netflix & Jaded London

6. Romantic Crown Knit

Minnie wore the “Sunday Syndrome Classic V Neck Knitwear” in oatmeal from Romantic Crown for $70 USD for a more preppy look.

| @gidlefashion/Instagram & Netflix & Romantic Crown

7. Nasty Fancy Set

Paired with a black beret, Minnie radiated “Girl Boss” vibes in a chain-detailed set from Nasty Fancy. The jacket costs $79.80 USD! Similar mini skirts cost about $45 USD. You can also get a hat from the brand for $15 USD.

| @gidlefashion/Instagram & Netflix & Nasty Fancy

8. Cider Sweater

Her multicolored stripes sweater from Cider costs $32 USD.

| @gidlefashion/Instagram & Netflix & Cider

9. Rocci Rocci Cardigan

One of Minnie’s other iconic cardigans is the striped Jacquard knit from Rocci Rocci, which costs $74 USD.

| @gidlefashion/Instagram & Netflix & Rocci Rocci

10. Eyeye Cardigan

A comfortable yet stylish look came together with a pink and black Jacquard check knit cardigan from Eyeye for $104.18 USD.

| @gidlefashion/Instagram & Netflix & Eyeye

11. English Factory Trench Coat

Minnie also wore a combo tartan trench coat from English Factory with a red plaid collar and sleeves for $115 USD.

| @gidlefashion/Instagram & Netflix & English Factory

What’s your favorite Minnie look from So Not Worth It?

Source: @gidlefashion