10+ Times (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua Showed Off Her Beautiful Side Profile

#4 shows how much she looks like a doll IRL.

(G)I-DLE’s Shuhua has a gorgeous side profile and tall nose bridge that leaves fans in awe of her beauty. Here are 10+ times her stunning silhouette is sure to captivate you!

1. She’s a natural beauty who doesn’t need makeup!

2. She has the perfect nose.

3. Shuhua’s visuals are stunning.

4. Her beautiful facial features are reminiscent of a doll.

5. She is the queen of side profiles!

6. Her nose bridge and pretty visuals are a hot topic amongst netizens.

7. Her beauty is on another level.

8. She has the cutest ski slope nose!

9. From her side, you can see how beautifully sculpted her features are.

10. Nobody’s perfect…but Shuhua is close!

11. So lovely!

12. Her profile looks stunning on stage, too.

13. She has such innocent and cute looks.

14. She doesn’t need much to look incredible.

15. She’s such a goddess!

16. Shuhua’s side profile belongs in a museum.