Here Are 15+ GIFs Of The Female Idol With A Growing Lesbian Fanbase

She’s totally snatching everyone.

According to a recent Korean forum post, (G)I-DLE’s Soojin is one of the female idols who’s becoming increasingly popular among the lesbian community. To see her seductive charisma in action, here are 15+ GIFs of her that will make you want to stan her ASAP.

1. No one is as fierce as Soojin on stage.

2. One look from her can be fatal for fans.

3. Her facial expressions are always on point.

4. If her visuals didn’t already snatch you, her dance moves are about to.

5. Do yourself a favor and re-watch this one at least 3 times.

6. She owns the shirt-and-tie look.

7. Here she is performing a ritual to convert you into being her fan (Jokes, but you really might feel under her spell).

8. Her beauty is seriously hypnotizing, though.

9. The zoom-in we all needed!

10. She’s got sass.

11. She’s also adorable AF.

12. The face of an angel.

13. Blue hair? Yes, PLEASE.

14. *internal screaming*

15. She’s cooler than your K-Pop boy.

16. This is queen behavior.

17. Elegance.

18. The master of hair flips.

19. !?!?!

20. Her duality is incredible.

21. So, are you a fan? 😉