12 GIFs That Show Off BTS Jimin’s Charms Perfectly

On-stage and off-stage, he’s equally lovable!

BTS Jimin never fails to wow the crowd with his stage presence, dance skills, and vocals. On stage, he’s cool, sexy, charismatic – but off-stage he’s just as likable, albeit in different ways. It would be near impossible to count all the charming points of Jimin, but here are 10 GIFs to show off a portion of his lovable personas.

1. Dancing Jimin

Jimin is the main dancer of BTS, and fittingly so! Fans and non-fans alike praise him for his amazing dance skills that captivate the audience when he’s on stage.

2. Singing Jimin

Jimin is also the lead vocalist of BTS. He recently released a new solo track “Promise” as a gift to ARMYs.

3. Acting Jimin

Jimin looking angelic in a BTS music video!

4. Mukbang Jimin

Fans say Jimin eats food so deliciously that they feel full from just watching him eat! His puffy cheeks seem to be the charming point here.

5. Cute Jimin

Can’t leave out the aegyo!

6. Clumsy off-stage Jimin

Jimin can be a bit clumsy sometimes but…

7. On-stage Jimin

On the stage, Jimin can go from cute to sexy in a fraction of a second.

8. Charismatic Jimin

His stage presence demands everyone’s attention.

9. Cool Jimin

And refuses to let you look away.

10. Muscly Jimin

No need for words.

11. Sexy Jimin

He almost looks like a sexy vampire.

12. But one of the best is… Happy Jimin!

His contagious smile and laugh will make you smile and laugh too. So precious!


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