4 Girl Group Comebacks To Look Forward To This August

“Girl Group Comeback Rush” is upon us!

August is officially the month of the “Girl Group Comeback Rush!” So far, four of the hottest K-Pop girl groups have now announced their comebacks. Check out what you can look forward to in this upcoming month below.

1. Girls’ Generation

According to SM Entertainment‘s press release to Newsen, Girls’ Generation is making their long-awaited comeback in August to celebrate their 15th anniversary!

Girls’ Generation | @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

This will be the group’s first album release in five years since the release of Holiday Night in August 2017. It is even more meaningful for fans as it will be an album with all eight current members participating.

| SM Entertainment


After they recently renewed their contract with JYP Entertainment, TWICE’s 11th album was announced.

TWICE | Cosmopolitan

The group will release new album BETWEEN 1&2, on August 26 at 1 PM KST.

3. IVE

According to an exclusive report from Asia Today, IVE will be making their comeback in August.

IVE | Starship Entertainment

Allegedly, the group is preparing for their comeback and working on their comeback album. No other details about the group’s comeback were shared.

| Starship Entertainment

Starship Entertainment did not yet confirm the news of IVE’s comeback.


Perhaps one of the most anticipated comebacks not just of August but the year since BLACKPINK has not released a new song as a group in one year and ten months since THE ALBUM, and during promotions for THE ALBUM, they were unable to hold many promotions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions that were in place.

TWICE | YG Entertainment

In July, YG Entertainment officially confirmed BLACKPINK would be making their comeback in August. At the time, they were said to be in the final stages of recording the album and would be filming their music video late in July.

A lot of music in BLACKPINK’s style has been prepared with great effort for a long time. BLACKPINK will embark on the largest-ever world tour for a K-Pop girl group by the end of the year alongside their comeback to expand their communication and reach with fans across the world. We will continue large-scale projects for the group as well.

— YG Entertainment

Which comeback are you most excited for?