Here Are 6 Girl Groups Whose Members All Appear The Same Height — And It’s Incredibly Satisfying

These girls fit perfectly together on stage.

Whether all of the members in these groups are tall or short, they all stand in line with one another. On stage, their performances look much more cohesive and neat due to their similar heights. Here are 6 girl groups who appear similar in height on stage — even if some aren’t in reality!


All of the BLACKPINK members are above 160 cm.

They create a sleek overall physique by emphasizing their long legs with short stage outfits and crop tops.



The girls of MAMAMOO are on the short side, but when placed next to each other, they all have perfect chemistry.


Since they’re all similar in height, it’s not too apparent how small they really are until placed next to taller groups!



When the members of EXID stand together, their heights appear very similar.


This creates an even look in their formations on stage.



Despite not actually being the same height, GFRIEND‘s formations still give them a satisfying look on stage.


The tallest members can sometimes act as “bookends” for the group.


5. Girls Day

Girls Day are known for their cohesive and satisfying image on stage.


All four have similar proportions, making them fit well together.

6. Sistar

Like Girls Day, the members of Sistar have a similar vibe.



It adds a neat element to their performances.


Source: TheQoo