Former Girl Group Member Steps Up To Defend ATTRAKT CEO Amidst FIFTY FIFTY’s Legal Dispute

She condemned FIFTY FIFTY.

In the midst of the legal dispute between FIFTY FIFTY and their agency, ATTRAKT, a former girl group member who was managed by ATTRAKT’s CEO, Jeon Hong Jun, has stepped up.

Kim Minhee, who debuted in 2014 girl group The Lush, stepped up to defend Jeon Hong Jun. Jeon Hong Jun was the founder of Oscar Entertainment. Under him, a talented vocal trio called The Lush made their debut.

According to Kim Minhee, Jeon Hong Jun had treated them extremely well. As with the payment system back then, most singers have to pay back their trainee debut before receiving their salary. Jeon Hong Jun allegedly paid the girls even though they weren’t making profits.

I’m so sad. Ever since our rookie days, he said that we had to have allowances to spend, so he always paid us from our event schedules, even though there were no profits. Thanks to our CEO, I was able to learn Mandarin, acting, and dance. He recognized me, believed in me, and gave me support. He’s someone that I’m very thankful for in my life. He always said that we were so good at singing, that we were kind, and like his daughters. He said that we only needed to be good in singing, and never let us see the dirty side of the industry throughout our time as trainees and singers. (To the point that after we stepped out from under his care, we really saw so much of the dirty things going on.) He’s really such a good person, and was like my own father. Even just a few days ago, as we texted, he said it was so good to see me living a good life. He was also worried for me as my father passed away not long ago. I hope that things get resolved and he receives the reward he deserves.

— Minhee

Minhee also disclosed the chat she shared with Jeon Hong Jun.

  • JHJ: Thanks Minhee.
  • JHJ: It’s so good to see you doing well.
  • Minhee’s caption: Even though he’s having it hard, our CEO only talks about us. Everyone was worried about him so our OSCAR (Entertainment) family contacted each other in a long time. Sara (The Lush member) heard about things from me and said she couldn’t sleep all night. The reason I keep uploading such things is… Okay sure, let’s say I really hoped they get canceled and that their promotions [as idols] go down the drain. I would’ve heard you guys out as you guys said things were hard but I’m just so mad that you guys planned a backstab so sneakily just as things were going well, so much that I want this to spread far and wide.

On the other hand, fans are divided as Jeon Hong Jun also has a record of “mistreating” boy group HOTSHOT. Read more about his mismanagement of HOTSHOT below.

ATTRAKT CEO’s Past Mismanagement Of A K-Pop Group Resurfaces Following The Lawsuit With FIFTY FIFTY

Source: Theqoo