Here’s The Girl Group Who Is Said To Have The Most Visual Members

They’re undeniably beautiful!

A recent online hot topic was about how many people think LOONA has the most visual members in the K-Pop industry.

After seeing the following gifs of 6 members, netizens couldn’t help but agree with the sentiment!

In no particular order, here are the 6 LOONA members who were singled out for their out-of-this-world visuals!

1. Heejin

Heejin is the visual of the group.

2. Hyunjin

Hyunjin is in charge of dancing and singing.

3. JinSoul

JinSoul is a rapper and vocalist.

4. Yves

Yves is LOONA’s leader during dance practices.

5. Olivia Hye

Olivia Hye is a rapper and dancer.

6. Go Won

Last but not the least, Go Won is the group’s rapper and dancer.

After viewing these gifs, it’s easy to see why LOONA is a visual group!

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Source: theqoo