Here Are All The Girl Groups With Highly Coveted Perfect All-Kills Under Their Belts

These groups got #1s on all the realtime, daily, and weekly charts with their songs.

Also known as a “PAK”, the Perfect All-Kill is one of the most highly coveted achievements in K-Pop. To score one, an artist must top all the realtime charts, daily charts, and the weekly chart in South Korea. Given that this is no easy feat, it should come as no surprise that few idol groups have managed it. That’s what makes it all the more impressive that these 10 girl groups have one or more PAKs under their belts.


With four entries, three of them back to back, TWICE leads the list and is crowned as the girl group with the most perfect all-kills in K-Pop. Their streak started with “Cheer Up” in 2016 just months after they debuted, continuing with “TT” in the same year, “Knock Knock” in 2017, and “YES or YES” in 2018.

This makes TWICE the only group to have achieved 3 consecutive perfect all-kills, starting with a rookie release.


In at second place is BLACKPINK. “Whistle” in 2016, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” in 2018, and their latest release “How You Like That” in 2020 all gained BLACKPINK their rightful spot on this list. They’re also the only group to achieve a Perfect All-Kill with their debut song (“Whistle”).

With BLACKPINK working their magic on the charts with every comeback, fans are excited to see them achieve even more Perfect All-Kills in the future.

3. 2NE1

2011 releases “Lonely” and “I Am The Best” put 2NE1 on the list with two Perfect All-Kills. Both songs charted #1 on every digital chart in South Korea at the time, making them two of the groups most successful releases.

Even though these tracks are complete opposites—one being a heart-wrecking ballad and the other a confident, upbeat anthem—2NE1 captured fans and the general public with both.

4. Miss A

Another second-generation group on the list with two Perfect All-Kills is Miss A. The first came with their 2011 release, “Goodbye Baby”, where they fascinated fans with their sexy vocals and choreography.

The second came in 2015 with “Only You”, which showed a more powerful and colorful side of Miss A. “Only You” was the lead track of Miss A’s third mini album and last release before their disbandment in 2017.


Starship Entertainment’s now-disbanded girl group SISTAR scored their first Perfect All-Kill three years after debut with their 2013 release, “Give It To Me”. Later, in 2015, “Shake It” took over South Korea’s hot summer days. Not only did it earn them a Perfect All-Kill, it also crowned them the “Summer Queens”.

SISTAR is also the only group on the list that earned Perfect All-Kills with a subunit (SISTAR19) and solo debut (Soyou) too.

6. Red Velvet

With three consecutive summer smash hits, Red Velvet always takes South Korea by storm when the weather heats up. Although nationwide hit “Red Flavor” didn’t quite reach a Perfect All-Kill, its follow-up sister “Power Up” (2018) made sure to solidify Red Velvet’s position as South Korea’s summer sweethearts.

It seems like SISTAR already passed down to “Summer Queens” title to Red Velvet, which is also the only SM Entertainment group to achieve a Perfect All-Kill.

7. I.O.I

The only Produce girl group to make it onto this list is I.O.I. Their 2016 release “Very Very Very” was the title track of their second mini album “Miss Me?”, a commercial success which topped digital and physical charts on its release day.

Produced by J. Y. Park, this title track followed I.O.I’s unit debut and racked up music show wins for the group.


“You’re The Best”, the title track of MAMAMOO’s first studio album, topped South Korea’s digital charts in 2016 to earn them their first Perfect All-Kill.

“You’re The Best” is one of the few singles that shows off MAMAMOO’s brighter side. Alongside than commercial success, it also gained the quartet praise for their vocals and fun personalities in the music video.


Another 2016 release to make this list is GFRIEND‘s “Rough”, the title track of the group’s third mini album. One of their most successful comebacks commercially, the song was said to represent GFRIEND’s group identity: “pure, bright and beautiful”.

The catchy lyrics and powerful melody enchanted the general public, so it’s no surprise “Rough” charted so high.

10. Wonder Girls

If you’ve heard of Wonder Girls, you’ve definitely heard of “Why So Lonely”, which says a lot about its commercial success. Marking the group’s 10th anniversary comeback, “Why So Lonely” topped charts and gained a lot of praise for the Wonder Girls members.

From their unique retro concept and beautiful vocals to the members’ involvement in making the song, fans and the public had plenty to enjoy. With the members playing the instruments themselves and writing the lyrics, “Why So Lonely” was the only Wonder Girls single not written by J. Y. Park.