Girl Groups Wear Plain Black Dresses Differently—Here’s Proof Using The Styles Of 6 Groups

BLACKPINK and TWICE wear dresses uniquely.

When it comes to fashion, girl groups all have their own unique style. Even the simplest article of clothing can be styled differently depending on the ones wearing them. This was definitely true for little black dresses! The classic outfit elicits varied responses based on the girl group.

Check them out below!


First on the list is none other than BLACKPINK! They are arguably the best known K-Pop girl group when it comes to fashion. They spice up their plain black dresses with different textures, cuts, and lines, showing that they can make something classic trendy.

Whether it’s wearing a leather dress…

…or blazer-like dress, they know what they’re doing.

2. Red Velvet

Red Velvet, meanwhile, is more girly and elegant. Their additions to their dresses are simple yet effective, like a white collar for Wendy and a bejeweled one for Yeri.

Seulgi upped the ante on her outfit with a bundle of feathers across her chest while Irene was more subtle with a tight tube bodycon.


With 12 members, IZ*ONE is the largest group on the list. This didn’t stop them from showing their individual styles in photoshoots and comeback stages. In some photos, their fashion is more high fashion with slits and chain jewelry.

In others, they lean towards sweet and flirty with a fluffy skirt and beaded top.


Moving on, ITZY has a definitive trendy style that JYP Entertainment is known for. They’re not afraid to match their outfits with large belts or brightly colored jackets.

They’re also not shy to have on more experimental clothing either.


Their sunbae‘s, TWICE, have a more classic style in comparison. With puffy sleeves and gold buttons and belts, they were the definition of pretty and perfect.

Their style is as gorgeous as they are!

6. Oh My Girl

Last but not the least, Oh My Girl has the most fairytale-like and ethereal aura that translates to their fashion sense. With the carefully placed lace details on their tops and skirts, they look like princesses.

Even non-celebrities can dress like Oh My Girl and look their best while they’re at it.

All girl groups wear different styles in their own unique ways, even plain white t-shirts!

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