Girl Groups Wear Plain White Dresses Differently—Here’s Proof Using The Styles Of 6 Groups

What is the style of your favorite girl group?

K-Pop girl groups all have their own distinct styles, not just in music but in fashion as well. Even if they have on the plainest color available, they still all wear their clothes uniquely.

It’s time to take notes! Check out how they each style white dresses below.


First of all, BLACKPINK is one of the trendiest girl groups around. Each member’s dresses matched their auras perfectly, with Jisoo opting for a more elegant look and Jennie being the human CHANEL that she is.

In a comeback stage for “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, Lisa proved her trendiness by pairing her dress with a denim jacket.

2. Red Velvet

Red Velvet, on the other hand, had on more casual white dresses. Their outfits were sweet from top to bottom, and they fit the girl-next-door vibes of the members.

Best yet, because of their approachable designs, it’s possible for fans to wear their white dresses even in everyday life!


Moving on, while Red Velvet was more youthful in their looks, TWICE wore white dresses like goddesses.

Long, flowing, and attractive, the girls looked magical in their attires.

No matter which member was the focus of the media, everyone looked like they came down straight from heaven.


Their little sisters, ITZY, were more experimental in comparison. Ryujin even wore multiple belts in her skirt while Yeji wore a thick fur jacket.

In another event, Ryujin accessorized her outfit with large silver earrings and a necklace which complemented the buttons on her blazer-like dress.


Moving on, IZ*ONE was feminine and princess-like in their fashion styles. The members wore long gowns with lace, chokers, and expensive earrings.

They gave off an especially wistful impression in their BLOOM*IZ photos.

6. Oh My Girl

Last but not the least, Oh My Girl appeared just like fairies in white dresses. With full layered skirts and rosy makeup, they looked like they belonged in a fairytale.

Even in their stage outfits, they were light and lovable from head to toe.

Their dresses fit the member’s otherworldly visuals and concepts.

If you want to see more diversity in their fashion choices, check out how they wear black dresses below!

Girl Groups Wear Plain Black Dresses Differently—Here’s Proof Using The Styles Of 6 Groups

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