Girls’ Generation Are Making A Full Group Comeback, And Here Are 13 Fan Reactions That Are Too Real

“SNSD finally getting discharged from the army.”

Girls’ Generation are officially making a comeback in August 2022 to celebrate their 15th anniversary, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Not only will this be the group’s first comeback in 5 years, but it will be an OT8 comeback too! Here are 13 fan reactions to Girls’ Generation’s comeback that are too real and that perfectly encapsulate what we all feel at the news!


1. The members finally got discharged

2. Sorry for the person I’m gonna become

3. Acceptance has never been so easy

4. They didn’t have to, but they did it for us *cries*

5. If you see less of aespa, you know who to blame!

6. Can’t wait for these interactions

7. Gonna need that special MMTG episode JaeJae promised…

8. The power that they hold

9. Who else is doing it like them?

10. Girls’ Generation are back to bless us with their presence

11. Taeyeon out there giving the people what they want

12. SONEs wandering through the halls today

13. SONEs will always be there

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