Girls’ Generation Roasted Each Other And It Was Shockingly Harsh

They’re so savage!

Girls’ Generation have proven time and time again, how close they are, and this one episode cemented their love for each other!

In 2010, while promoting their song “Tell Me Your Wish”, the group appeared on SBS‘s Intimate Note 2. The premise of the show is that it encourages idol groups that appear on the show to become closer by airing out all their problems, secrets and more. While the entire 1 hour episode is an absolute riot to watch, here are the top 7 moments from the iconic episode of Girls Generation savagely roasting each other!


1. Taeyeon and Sooyoung’s sleeping habits, exposed by each other

The episode starts out by dividing the group into two; the Tall Team (Sooyoung, Yuri, Yoona and Seohyun) and the Short (or “Graceful”) Team (Taeyeon, Sunny, Jessica and Hyoyeon). The Short Team is up first, and Taeyeon hilariously attacks Sooyoung for her sleeping habits, saying that she snores!


She also accuses Sooyoung of treating her like a Dutch wife (a bolster used to prop the legs up in bed) when they were roommates.


Sooyoung retaliates by saying she only treated her like a Dutch wife because,

I did it because you were small and easy!




When the Tall Team is at bat, Sooyoung unleashes everything she’s been holding on to, and screams out in pure revenge,


And you guys said that I snore while I sleep, huh? Kim Taeyeon, you clench your teeth, snore, sleep talk and even DJ while sleeping! That’s triple, you know!




Yoona joined the fight, saying,


When Taeyeon unnie sleeps, she introduces Girls Generation!

“Hello, I’m Girls Generation’s Taeyeon! You’re very cool!”




2. Yuri got roasted by Jessica for her cooking skills, but she soon got her revenge

Taeyeon leads the Short Soldiers into battle, by leveling all her complaints about Yuri’s cooking to her.


Yuri, when you cook, you go around offering it to everyone, right? You think its nice, but its just burdensome for everyone!




Jessica gives her own two cents, by saying that it tastes bad!


The cast moves indoors, and there, Round 2 begins. During the second round, Yuri begins her complaints about Jessica’s cooking,


I wouldn’t have said anything if your cooking was good. You say my cooking is bad? You took an hour to mix mayonnaise and tuna! You suck at cooking too!




After delivering her starting hit, she soon had help! Hyoyeon grabbed the plushie mic from Yuri (keep in mind, Hyoyeon and Jessica are on the same team) and began berating Jessica for the amount of oil she uses while cooking ham:


Stop using so much oil when you’re frying ham! You’re going to kill me with all that fat!



Taeyeon joined in next (again of the same team, her and Jessica),


Its not ham anymore! It’s totally deep fried ham!




3.  Sooyoung’s Manager Oppa

Taeyeon leads this fight, by saying that Sooyoung can eat all she wants, even at night because she doesn’t gain weight. So she often drags Taeyeon along with her, but Taeyeon then ends up gaining all the weight!


Sooyoung, fake-crying, says that she then has to go all alone  because Taeyeon started rejecting her! She the reveals that, out of desperation, she even went out [strictly to eat] with their manager, because she was so lonely!


…And at this point, it became the central part of Sooyoung’s roasting, by bringing out the topic of her “manager poppa” at almost every moment!

Sooyoung announces how annoyed she is because Yuri keeps texting during movies, and Yuri retaliates by saying that she’s talking to “Sooyoung’s Manager Oppa”, because of Sooyoung!


4. Hyoyeon roasts Yuri for her singing

Back when Round 1 was still going on, and the Short Team was sharing their grievances (i.e., roasting the Tall Team into a well-burnt batch), Hyoyeon begins by calling out Yuri’s name sweetly.


After Yuri answers back just as sweetly, Hyoyeon talks about how much Yuri likes singing in the car recently…


You like singing in the car, don’t you?




…and then goes in for the kill.


You call that singing?! You’re a singer, but you always go off-tune! Take out one of your earphones to listen to yourself!




5. “You’re a FASHION TERRORIST to our team!!”

— Girls Generation’s Choi Sooyoung, 2010

In the midst of her roasting spree, Hyoyeon also spewed fire at Sooyoung, narrating the incident of how Sooyoung criticized her fashion choices and publicly told her:


What the heck, you look unbalanced.




When the Tall Team had their turn, the MCs asked her what she thinks of Hyoyeon’s style.


Sooyoung then yelled out,

You’re a FASHION TERRORIST to our team!




6. Maknae Seohyun expressing concern for her unnies…in a shocking way

Seohyun was part of the Tall Team, and Sunny from the Short Team revealed how scary Seohyun is!


She was once happily going to enjoy her hamburger, but then Seohyun barged in to say to her,


Unnie, you’ll die if you eat that.




7. Yuri insists her favorite movie is Mother, but Yoona straight-up exposed her

Yoona stepped into the ring in the second round, and immediately went after Yuri.


Yuri unnie! We watched Mother together right?




When Yuri confirmed this, saying it was her favorite movie, Yoona totally exposed her by revealing that Yuri watches the first 10 minutes, sleeps the whole movie, and then wakes up to watch the last 10 minutes while exclaiming about how good the movie is!



Watch the whole episode here!

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