11 Times Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Proved She Has One Of The Best Figures In K-Pop

#4 will leave you in disbelief.

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona is known for her stunning visuals, including her flawless physique. Check out the 11 times below she proved she was blessed with incredible genetics (and a strong work ethic)!

1. Yoona’s “11” abs are legendary.

She’s fitness motivation.

2. Hard work pays off when it comes to her fitness.

She works hard for this fit physique!

3. She’s known for her “X-line” body shape.

This means she has an hourglass shape.

4. She’s also known for her “ant waist.”

People with very tiny waists are given this title.

5. On stage, she rocks what she’s got.

The walk of a queen!

6. Yoona’s weight is only 47 kg.

It’s hard to believe K-Pop idols keep their weight so low!

7. There’s always time to admire Yoona’s washboard abs.

She’s fierce.

8. Her curvy hips give her the perfect shape.

It’s no wonder she’s known for her figure.

9. At 168 cm, she’s quite tall.

Her genetics are crazy!

10. She rocks the “thin but curvy” body type!

Yoona has it all.

11. Plus, her visuals are stunning.

Yoona is just on another level.

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