5 Of The Most Shocking “Girls Planet 999” Eliminations This Round

Viewers couldn’t believe these contestants didn’t make it through.

Last week’s episode of Girls Planet 999 saw 27 contestants eliminated, leaving just 27 more behind to face the competition’s next rounds. But while some eliminations came as little surprise, many shocked viewers around the world. These trainees in particular had some of the most unexpected exits in episode eight.

1. Yoon Jia

17-year-old Yoon Jia started Girls Planet 999 with a ranking of 22nd place among the 33 Korean contestants, but it didn’t take long for her to start climbing up the ranks. After her Planet Demo stage performing NCT 127‘s “Kick It” and her BLACKPINK “How You Like That” stage for the Connect Mission, Yoon Jia was voted 10th in the K-Group during the first elimination round.

Yoon Jia | Mnet

While Yoon Jia wasn’t part of the winning “How You Like That” team, she was selected as the main rapper for the performance, showing off her impressive skills. To date, her individual fancam from the stage has over 270,000 views on YouTube.

Yoon Jia went on to perform Little Mix’s “Salute” for the Combination Mission, where she was part of the winning team. Over the past few weeks, she racked up 145,000 views on her individual fancam for the performance and 269,000 views on her highlight cam video.

However, when it came to the show’s second elimination round last week, Yoon Jia ranked 11th out of K-Group, eliminating her from the competition.

| Mnet

On social media, many fans expressed how shocked they were that Yoon Jia didn’t receive the judge’s Planet Pass, which saves one trainee from each group from elimination. Meanwhile, others couldn’t believe her impeccable skills didn’t earn her enough votes to begin with.

2. Kim Doah (Fanatics)

After ranking 23rd on Produce 48 back in 2018, debuting in Fanatics in 2019, and starting in several web dramas, 17-year-old Kim Doah began Girls Planet 999 with an eager following. Her initial ranking among the K-Group trainees was 9th place, performing “Wow Thing” by Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, GFRIEND‘s SinB, Chungha, and (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon for her Planet Demo stage.

Fanatics’ Kim Doah | Mnet

After her Connect Mission stage with TWICE‘s “YES or YES,” Kim Doah’s individual votes in the first elimination round boosted her to 5th place in the K-Group. Plus, her cell ranked no.6 overall, keeping her in the competition. To date, her “YES or YES” individual fancam has over 215,000 views on YouTube.

Next up, Doah became part of the winning team performing Little Mix’s “Salute” during the Combination Mission. Her vertical cam for the song has 160,000 views, while her “Salute” highlight reel has already surpassed 200,000 views.

But all that wasn’t enough to keep her in Girls Planet 999. When the results of the second elimination round were announced, Kim Doah ranked 9th out of K-Group, missing the cut by just one place.

| Mnet

While fans are happy they’ll still be able to support her when she returns to Fanatics, numerous viewers couldn’t believe she fell out of the ranking after such a strong start.

3. Huh Jiwon (Cherry Bullet)

21-year-old Huh Jiwon was another Korean Girls Planet 999 contestant who started the show with her own fanbase. Back in 2019, she began her career by debuting in Cherry Bullet, the younger sister group of AOA. Initially ranked 11th in K-Group, Huh Jiwon performed I.O.I‘s “Whatta Man” for her Planet Demo stage, then TWICE’s “YES or YES” for the Connect Mission.

Cherry Bullet’s Huh Jiwon | Mnet

Huh Jiwon’s “YES or YES” team went on to win the Connect Mission battle, and Jiwon herself received the song’s killing part, wowing viewers with her skills. Her individual rank remained at 11th place during the first elimination round and her whole cell made it through in 12th place. To date, her “YES or YES” individual fancam has over 170,000 views.

When the Combination Mission came around, Huh Jiwon’s team won the battle with ITZY‘s “In the Morning”, leading many to expect good results for her in the eliminations. She even reached over 465,000 views on her “In the Morning” highlight reel, along with 52,000 views on her vertical cam.

Unfortunately, in the second elimination round, Huh Jiwon only placed 16th out of the 18 K-Group contestants, removing her from the competition.

| Mnet

Following the shock results, viewers complained that Mnet “did Jiwon dirty” by failing to save her with a Planet Pass after her team won two missions in a row.

4. Kubo Reina

A former member of the J-Pop group Prizmmy, 21-year-old Kubo Reina was one of the Japanese contestants to watch during Girls Planet 999. Performing MAMAMOO‘s “gogobebe” for her Planet Demo stage, she started the show with a ranking of 5th among J-Group in the Signal Song Evaluation. In the Connect Mission, her team went on to perform IZ*ONE‘s “Fiesta.”

Kubo Reina | Mnet

From then on, Kubo Reina’s scores were “perfect 10s” all the way—perhaps to her detriment. After her team won the “Fiesta” battle, her cell ranked 10th overall in the first elimination round, while Kubo Reina herself also ranked 10th in the J-Group. To date, her Connect Mission fancam has 270,000 views.

For the Combination Mission, she was part of one of the teams performing BTOB‘s “Missing You.” Unfortunately, her team didn’t win, but she did receive the killing part in the song. Her individual fancam for the performance went on to reach 21,000 views on YouTube.

Then, in last week’s second elimination round, Kubo Reina once again ranked in 10th place among the Japanese contestants. Unfortunately, that meant she missed the cut for the next round by two places.

| Mnet

Many viewers were in disbelief at the result given Reina’s vocal talents, with several commenting that they hope she scores a trainee contract with a Korean agency following the show.

5. Wang Yale

As for the C-Group contestants, Wang Yale’s elimination was one of the most shocking for many fans. Before participating in Girls Planet 999, she was a trainee on the Chinese survival show Youth with You 2, so she already had some fans before coming to Korea. She started the show with a relatively high ranking of 13th in C-Group, performing Girls’ Generation – TTS‘s “Twinkle” for her first stage.

Wang Yale | Mnet

Then, her group performed BTS’s “MIC Drop” for the Connect Mission. While her team didn’t win, Wang Yale did impress viewers with her rap skills. To date, she has almost 400,000 views on her Connect Mission vertical cam. After the first elimination round, her individual ranking stayed steady at 13th place.

However, she went on to continue attracting fans’ attention. Wang Yale was the leader when her team sang 2PM’s “My House.” Though they weren’t able to win the battle, Wang Yale had all eyes on her with her strong leadership skills. Her highlight reel for the song reached over 200,000 views alongside the 20,000 views on her individual fancam.

With that, many were convinced she’d be able to snag a spot in the next round when it was time for the second eliminations. However, she ultimately ranked 12th out of C-Group.

| Mnet

Alongside disbelief, many fans felt heartbreak at Wang Yale’s elimination. This was her fourth survival show, previously also competing on Find Your Voice and Sing It, yet her skills still weren’t enough to score her a debut.

Some of the show’s other most unexpected eliminations last week included K-Group’s Ahn JeongminChoi Yeyoung, and Kim Hyerim, J-Group’s Yamauchi Moana, and C-Group’s Wang Zige. Viewers were also shocked when Xu Ziyin withdrew from the competition despite making it through the second round.

Xu Ziyin Withdraws From “Girls Planet 999” Despite Surviving Eliminations

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