Where The 9 Follow-Up Contestants From “Girls Planet 999” Are Now

Some are much more public than others!

It has been over a year now since the finale of survival show Girls Planet 999 aired in October 2021, and with its sequel, Boys Planet, now in the middle of its season, one may wonder where the contestants from the first season are now! There were nine follow-up contestants that made it to the final episode of Girls Planet 999, and while they didn’t end up getting to debut with Kep1er, they’re all extremely talented young women.

Here’s what we know about where the nine follow-up contestants from Girls Planet 999 are now!

1. Fu Yaning

Fu Yaning placed second in the Chinese group, and 12th overall, on Girls Planet 999. After the show ended in October, she released a single titled “Starlight” in December 2021, and also made her acting debut in the Chinese drama My Heart. She also appeared in the drama The Flowers are Blooming, and on April 20, 2022, she released her debut solo album, Ning! She’s currently a solo artist under Gramarie Entertainment, and is active on Instagram.

2. Su Ruiqi

Su Ruiqi placed third in the Chinese group on Girls Planet 999, and 13th overall. Prior to appearing on the show, she debuted in the Chinese girl group Chic Chili in 2018 under the label ETM Skies, where she goes by the stage name Sury and has the position of leader, main dancer, and main rapper. After finishing the show, she presumably rejoined the group, though they haven’t released music since then. She is, however, active on social media.


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3. Wen Zhe

Wen Zhe placed 17th overall while on the show, and fourth in the Chinese group. Like Ruiqi, she also debuted in a Chinese girl group, Hickey, under Star Master Entertainment prior to appearing on Girls Planet 999. She’s the group’s main rapper, dancer, and youngest member, and presumably rejoined the group after her appearance on the survival show, though it doesn’t seem like they’ve released new music recently, either. She is, however, active on social media.


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4. Huang Xingqiao

Huang Xingchao placed fifth in the Chinese group on Girls Planet 999, and 18th overall. She has been relatively quiet since appearing on the show, though she appears to still be a solo artist under the label Origin Music International after she made her debut as a soloist in 2017. She posts infrequently on her personal Instagram account as well.


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5. Kawaguchi Yurina

Kawaguchi Yurina placed third in the Japanese group and 14th overall on Girls Planet 999. After her time on the show, she returned to her label, Oscar Promotion, where she had priorly been a member of the girl group X21 until they disbanded in 2018. In March 2022, she made her debut as a soloist with the single “Look At Me”, and released her second single, “Cherish”, in June later that year. Her latest single, “Cheeky Cheeky”, just came out this month!

6. Nonaka Shana

Nonaka Shana ended up placing 16th overall, and fourth in the Japanese group, while on Girls Planet 999. While she participated on the show, she represented her label, MLD Entertainment, which she returned to afterwards. After training at the label for a few more months, she ended up debuting as a member of the K-Pop group Lapillus on June 20, 2022 with the single album Hit Ya!. She acts as the group’s leader and vocalist, and their latest album, Girl’s Round Part.1, came out in September 2022.

7. Kim Suyeon

Kim Suyeon placed 10th overall on Girls Planet 999 — just barely not making it into Kep1er — and seventh in the Korean group. She represented her label MYSTIC Story while on the show, and returned as a trainee to the label after her time on Girls Planet 999. Interestingly, she ended up debuting as a member of Billlie shortly after the girl group had already debuted on November 10, 2021, becoming the group’s main dancer and lead rapper on November 19 of the same year under the stage name Sheon. Their most recent album, The Billage of Perception: Chapter Two, came out on August 31, 2022.

8. Guinn Myah

Guinn Myah’s final placement was 11th overall and eighth in the Korean group on Girls Planet 999. She represented her label TOP Media while on the show, and returned there as a trainee once the season ended. At this time, it appears that she’s still a trainee at the label, and her future plans for debut are unknown.


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9. Kim Bora

Kim Bora ended the competition show in 15th place overall, and ninth in the Korean group. Bora had already debuted with Cherry Bullet under FNC Entertainment in January 2019, so after she finished Girls Planet 999, she returned to the label and her group! She’s Cherry Bullet’s main vocalist, and they’re set to release their next album, Cherry Rush, on March 7 this year with the title song “P.O.W! (Play On the World)”!

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