7 Adorable “XiaoRina” Moments That Prove Shen Xiaoting & Kawaguchi Yurina Need To Win “Girls Planet 999” Together

These talented besties would be so good in the final lineup together 🥰

With the finale of Girls Planet 999 just two weeks away, C-Group’s Shen Xiaoting and J-Group’s Kawaguchi Yurina are two of the highest-ranked and most popular contestants in the competition right now. On top of that, they’re also the best of friends, and they’ve shared some of the most adorable moments together. These seven in particular will convince you the pair need to make it into the final Top 9 and debut together in Mnet‘s new girl group.

1. They’re always clinging to each other

No matter where they are and what’s going on, whenever Xiaoting and Yurina are together, you’ll see them holding hangs or hugging.

Kawaguchi Yurina (left) and Shen Xiaoting (right)

2. Their hugs are the cutest

Speaking of clingy XiaoRina, they always pull each other into the tightest, most supportive hugs…

… especially in the elimination rounds.

3. They support each other’s successes

While some might be jealous to see their best friend surpass them, Yurina and Xiaoting celebrated each other’s no.1 rankings on Girls Planet 999 with unwavering support.

When Xiaoting and Yurina were both up for first place together, Yurina even graciously insisted that she’d be happy to come second to her bestie.

Side note: they support their fellow contestants together just as much too!

4. They even captured the editors’ attention

The way Mnet edited XiaoRina in this scene made viewers realize that even the Girls Planet 999 heads know about their bond.

5. The contestants know their bond well too

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that when Xiaoting was ranked no.1 in C-Group, fellow trainee Sakamoto Mashiro immediately looked over at Yurina.

Plus, in one of her live broadcasts, eliminating contestant Ma Yuling divulged that Yurina and Xiaoting have been close friends since the first day of shooting, proving that even the other Girls Planet 999 trainees know about XiaoRina’s bond.

6. They have so much support from fans

At the Girls Planet 999 “DRIVE TO PLANET” drive-in fan meeting, Xiaoting and Yurina had the cutest reaction when they noticed a XiaoRina banner the fans prepared for them. With all that love from viewers, there’s no doubt they’d be popular together if they debut in the final lineup.

7. They even have couple jewelry

Look closely, and you’ll notice that the pair have even commemorated their friendship with couple jewelry. These earrings Xiaoting has…

… match Yurina’s necklace!

One fan even spotted that they seem to have matching rings too.

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