The Winners Of Survival Show “GIRL’s RE:VERSE” Are Announced — Meet The Members Of The New Virtual Group FE:VERSE

All five winners are active idols re-debuting in a new virtual girl group.

Kakao Entertainment recently produced a new survival show, GIRL’S RE:VERSE, which featured 30 active girl group idols competing to debut in a virtual group.

“GIRL’S RE:VERSE” promotional poster | @girlsreverse/Twitter

In the survival show, the contestants competed through virtual avatars, showcasing their impressive vocal and dance skills, along with their entertaining variety show talents.

Although the contestants’ official identities weren’t revealed until the contestant was eliminated, fans could identify the idols almost immediately after their introduction videos were released.

In the final episode of the survival show, GIRL’S RE:VERSE revealed that the debut name of the resulting girl group, comprised of five members, would be FE:VERSE.

Here are the five members of FE:VERSE.

5. Kim Serena

Kim Serena

Kim Serena is played by WJSN‘s (also known as Cosmic Girls) Soobin.

WJSN’s Soobin

Kim Serena was initially eliminated in the first death-match challenge, but through her determination and astounding talent, won a consolation match, returning to the competition where she continued to impress viewers with her humor and skill.

4. Rien


Rien is played by LOONA‘s Heejin.

LOONA’s Heejin

Rien has continually impressed audience’s with her all-rounder skills, showing off her vocal, rap, and dance talent.

3. Keuang


Keuang is played by WJSN’s (also known as Cosmic Girls) Luda.

WJSN’s Luda

In addition to her performance skills, which have captivated viewers, Luda has also entertained viewers with her humor and charisma.

2. Seoritae


Seoritae is played by Apink‘s Hayoung.

Apink’s Hayoung

Although Seoritae was eliminated in the first death-match, like Kim Serena, she proved her skills in a consolation match, returning to the competition and impressing viewers with her talents and personality.

1. Muneo


Muneo is played by former IZ*ONE‘s Kwon Eunbi.

Kwon Eunbi

Muneo has shown off her astounding vocal talent throughout the competition as well as her special aegyo skill, which encouraged viewers to vote for her.

Fans can look forward to FE:VERSE’s debut.

You can listen to two original songs from the top ten contestants of GIRL’S RE:VERSE here.

“Time Takes Me to Love” sung by Kimserena, Rien, Muneo, Jipsunhui (Cherry Bullet‘s Bora), and Keuang.

“Like a Star” sung by Rose (Rocket Punch‘s Juri), Ruby (PURPLE KISS‘s Swan), Seoritae, Sera (Weeekly‘s Monday), and Zzaru (BVNDIT‘s Seungeun).