“Ending Up In A Grave” — Survival Show “GIRL’S RE:VERSE” Shocks Viewers With Its “Dramatic” Way Of Eliminating Contestants

“Squid Game for singers.”

Kakao Entertainment is producing a new survival show, called GIRL’S RE:VERSE, which features 30 active girl group idols competing via virtual avatars. The premise is supposed to encourage the audience to vote based on the skills and personalities of the contestants rather than their visual charms. The top five contestants will debut as a virtual girl group at the end of the show.

GIRL’S RE:VERSE promotional poster | @girlsreverse/Twitter

Although the contestants’ identities are hidden, fans believe they have already been able to confidently identify the contestants through their voices and mannerisms.

Despite some previous issues with virtual avatars, the new survival show has just started airing, and viewers are already intrigued by the unique concept.

But one unexpected part of the show’s premise that is receiving attention from netizens is what happens to the contestants once they’re eliminated.

| @girlsreverse/Twitter

In addition to having their identities revealed, when a contestant on GIRL’S RE:VERSE is eliminated, they will be “buried” on the hill in the virtual world.

The hosts explaining what happens to eliminated contestants | 소녀 리버스 GIRL’S RE:VERSE/YouTube
The contestants’ reactions | 소녀 리버스 GIRL’S RE:VERSE/YouTube

Fans were understandably shocked by the brutal nature of the eliminations, as the survival show’s virtual reality setting allows for unique changes to the familiar genre.

Some fans are already using it as a humorous promotion tactic to get others to vote for their favorite contestants.

And many viewers are now deciding to tune in for the “dramatic” nature of the show.

You can read more about GIRL’S RE:VERSE here.

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You can watch the show’s introduction song, “I Promise,” here.

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