Here Are The 3 Legendary SM Girl Groups And Their Iconic Debut Concepts

They can’t be topped.

SM Entertainment announced their newest rookie girl group and fans are getting excited. With that said, let’s take a look at SM Entertainment’s girl group debuts that were unforgettable.

1. Girls’ Generation

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First off we have Girls’ Generation, who made quite an impression with their debut. Their concept of innocence could not be ignored with the girls wearing all white, minimal makeup and long hair. While their debut didn’t initially go viral, they still made positive impressions upon netizens who enjoyed their age appropriate concept.

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With the pure lyrics and energetic dance moves, their debut song eventually won the hearts of netizens nationwide over time as it is still considered one of the best debut songs ever. Who doesn’t love the innocent concept?

2. f(x)

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With an image completely different from their sunbae group, f(x) came out with a strong girl crush concept. They debuted with “LA chA TA” which holds a grungier feel with the darker colors and outfits. Although they were hoobaes to Girls’ Generation, they definitely seemed older and more mature because of their strong group image.

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We love the contrast between Girls’ Generation and f(x) as SM Entertainment did a wonderful job distinguishing the differences between the two groups. Through their contrast in image, these two groups were able to grab the attention of very different audiences, expanding their fan bases.

3. Red Velvet

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Again, such a different vibe from the other two groups! Red Velvet made a colorful splash into the K-Pop world with their vibrant hair colors and fun debut song. Each member donned a different color hair to distinguish their individualities. Netizens were instantly drawn to their unique concept.

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They really stood out amongst the huge wave of girl groups with their funkiness. There were no words to describe their debut concept but it was super fun with the jungle theme and vibrant colors everywhere. Regardless, netizens quickly became Red Velvet fans once they realized how much spunk the girls had.


Each one was so different from one another. Which SM Entertainment girl group debut concept was your favorite?

Source: theqoo
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