Here Are The Three Actors In “The Glory” That Koreans Think Had The Best Acting In The Series

Only one of them is a main character!

The drama The Glory is filled with talent. Not a single actor, not even the teen actors, was bad at their role. While the four main characters, Moon Dong Eun, Ha Do Young, Joo Yeo Jeong, and Park Yeon Jin, were undoubtedly played by top-class actors, credit was also given to the more minor roles that made the story really shine. Out of the ensemble cast, these three were touted by Korean netizens as major gems.

1. Lim Ji Yeon (Park Yeon Jin)

This one needs no explanation. Lim Ji Yeon’s role as the main antagonist was spectacular. Absurd hatred and spiraling anger just bounced off the screen whenever she was on.

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She also had a soft side whenever she was with Yesol. The immediate switch between mom and public enemy number one was amazing.

2. Yeom Hye Ran (Kang Hyun Nam, or Imo)

She had a whole spectrum of emotions in the short 16 episodes. From joy whenever she was looking at her daughter…

…to mischievous scheming with Dong Eun…

…to immense hate and sorrow when it came to her husband.

3. Park Ji Ah (Dong Eun’s mother)

She made everyone hate her the minute she stepped onto the screen. It’s not easy playing someone whose mental health has already been addled by alcohol. The nuance of insanity she had with every uttered word was a work of art.

Although every actor was amazing, these three truly deserved the praise.

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  • “Dong Eun’s mom was so scary. As I watched the show, I wasn’t scared of any of the antagonists but I was terrified and disgusted by her. I was also amazed when Yeom Hye Ran smiled through the tears.”
  • “They are all so good. The shaman was also really scary.”
  • “For real… And Lim Ji Yeon was really charming despite playing the evil character.”
  • “I thought Dong Eun’s mom was satan.”
  • “Dong Eun’s mom is the real deal… Apart from her, all of the actors’ acting were insane too.”
  • “All three of them were really possessed… It was really amazing.”

What a strong cast the show had!

Source: theqoo

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