10+ Gorgeous Photos Of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo With Bangs That Prove “Bangsoo” Will Forever Be Iconic

Rise up, Bangsoo enthusiasts!

We love BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo all the time, but we love, love, LOVE her with bangs!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Here are 10+ photos of Bangsoo (Jisoo with bangs) that are absolutely gorgeous!

1. Jisoo’s bangs and sweet smile are a killer combo

Imagine being this gorgeous!

2. Feathered bangs really suit her

These wispy bangs really bring out her beautiful eyes!

3. The preppy queen we all deserve

We love everything about this picture from the sweater,  to the pleated skirt, and to her long hair and bangs. This is the definition of a serve!

4. We’ll never be over her visuals

Jisoo just looks like she was born to be a celebrity!

5. This bangs and pigtails combo is too cute

She’s so adorable!

6. This picture is always on our minds

Red lips! Leather jacket! Bangs! We love everything about this Bangsoo pic!

7. Pretty K-Pop princess

She looks like royalty!

8. Just in case you thought her bangs only look good with dark hair

Jisoo (and her bangs) look good with every hair color!

9. Just wow

Super long hair and thick bangs really suit her!

10. She looks so ethereal

If you told us Jisoo just stepped out of a book of fairytales, we would believe you!

11. The very picture of elegance

Jisoo’s bangs make the perfect stage accessory!

12. Cute and candid

Even when she’s caught off guard, Bangsoo is still gorgeous!