22 Reasons To Show GOT7’s BamBam Love On His 22nd Birthday

Here are just 22 of the many reasons why BamBam deserves all the love in the world.

GOT7‘s BamBam has turned another year older, and fans all over the world are celebrating his birthday. Here are just 22 of the billions of reasons why BamBam deserves all the love on his birthday (and every other day)!


1. He is incredibly talented. BamBam can rap…


2. …dance…


3. …and sing at the highest level


4. He’s trilingual. BamBam can speak Korean, Thai, and English…


5. …and he uses his languages skills to secretly make fun of his members

This always gets BamBam into trouble when he forgets about the translator!


6. Speaking his members, BamBam treats them like family…


7. …and that means he teases them like crazy!

8. He isn’t shy about voicing his opinion or defending himself

When BamBam uploaded this photo of himself to show love for Black Panther he received backlash from those who accused him of wearing race as a costume. Rather than staying quiet about it, he made his feelings known.


9. He also stands up for his friends

When his childhood friend, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, became the target of racism, he was quick to offer her support and spoke positively about her when asked about the incident.


10. He loves animals, especially his own adorable pets


11. He has a fantastic sense of humor that brings joy to fans everywhere

12. He’s not shy about giving fan service…

13. …not even a little bit


14. He has mastered the art of editing, directing, and shooting videos


15. He’s part of one of the most loveable friendship groups around

The ’97 line is famous for their great friendship.  BTS‘s JungkookNCT‘s JaehyunGOT7‘s BamBam and Yugyeom, and SEVENTEEN‘s MingyuDokyeom, and The8belong to this group.


16. He adds spice to every variety show he appears on

When BamBam was on After School Club he uttered these words, that seemed to take the show from PG to 19+ real quick.


17. He deeply cares for his fans and wishes them all the best in life

I hope to see them be successful in their life. Someday in the future, I’d like to see a fan who is studying right now graduate then you guys can tag me to let me see! And those of you who are going to get married, let me see too! I believe both of us want to see each other’s achievements. Let’s grow up together!

— BamBam

18. In the blink of an eye, he can go from super cute…


19. …to super sexy


20. Did we mention his visuals? Genetics play favorites, but we’re not complaining.

21. He’s the unofficial king of Thailand. BamBam takes pride in his Thai heritage and always brings his Thai fans so much happiness when he visits them.


22. He’s BamBam! How can anyone not love him?